Pasta Ezekiel is gone

Money Laundering
Abuse of corpses
Human trafficking
Embezzling death certificates
Burial without a permit
Mass murder

Manze serikali sio mchezo.

From tomorrow you will see some guys vandalizing his church…
How he was conning the gullible;
Each service daily had an average of 30k worshippers.
Each is supposed to buy 100 bob holy water.(maji ya tap)
That’s a cool 3m per day.
Or 90m per month
Or 1.1mbirrions per year…

Kasarani had 60k on the seats and another 10k seated in the field. It brought a cool 7m.

Na bado hujasesabu tithe…

Last week alikuwa live KBC for 3 days, sijui wao hulipisha how much lakini sio wakenya wengi wanaeza lipia 3 hours daily event imepita siku moja.

He may come back, he has alot of synonymous supporters in the government, religion remains an opium of the masses, infact, his sheep don’t see the way you see, they have a complete different opinion of him, this is making him relevant those who never heard about him now know him

Ezekiel will go down like all famous televangelists in the past but this is not the thing that will take him down.

Sio maji ya tap… Its ritualistic water from very weird places…Investigate more…


Hapa not less than 200 million ita tembea… From judges… To lawyers… To top dog police officers… $$

Water from corpses being washed. It’s used in many businesses. Ndio biashara inanoga. Especially food biz put the corpse water into the food and customers come like flies on shit

Of course… They know that only a few apply here… But they will have even 20 counts… And collect more bribes… They do not care about common poor fellows…


What will?Rape?

Dan Omari is probably catching a flight to Mombasa to defend Pastor Ezekiel. Or he’s probably there already.

Lawyer wake atakula vizuri.

The case will drag on for a few years like 8 years… Then the evidence pinning him directly down will be invalid… The so called investigative agencies will have pocketed 200m to mess up with the evidence…

Year…its a money game… No one will be jailed… It will due after our small collective memories of the massacre are buried…

And just like that am not gonna eat in hotels. Makena why do you love to ruin things that I like?

Nothing. This case isn’t going anywhere.

Ezekiel will be free and in a few years he will be forgotten like Gilbert Deya, Plus Muiru etc.

…na zile Doo za church projects, thanksgiving et al

Nilisoma place ni maji imeosha dead bodies

Ruto is the one behind this, simply because Ezekiel prophesied his downfall. In a few months Time, calamity upon calamity will befall Ruto and his accomplices. That’s the problem of interfering with a man of God.

Yes. That is what i meant…its not just tap water… But it is mostly tap water mixed with many accultic things… Luke fluids from dead bodies…