Hey elders can i edit my passport application after submission… I have applied for a passport and after submission i have realised i made a mistake somewhere. Is there a way I can edit it. I have tried calling the immigration hotline and nobody is picking up…

Mnyambo nishakwambia mara ngapi kabla uvuke nchi itabidi uvuke your momma’s basement kwanza

tombwa matako malaya wewe…

My problem is that my appointment imewekwa mid nov, how can i jump that ‘quuu’ for an earlier date?

You need to go to immigrations customer care at nyayo house, no point trying to call GOK offices, they don’t pick up and when they do, rearly help.

You are talking of softcopy info in your form or hardcopy documents? Softcopy you can change anytime online and download the form again.


As usual tumia pesa, through brokers who put you in touch with the immigration officials.

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Hata mimi nimeekwa November banae…

Nimesubmit leo asubuhi mpaka nikalipa pesa…

You can still edit that form and download again, go back to that page there is an option to edit


I think you can edit forms before manually printing them and availing them hapo nyayo house.

Talk to kina experts @Tom Bayeye for more direction

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Nilikua na number ya msee but ni kama aliingia mitini.He was good help at a fee

This is the only solution, go to nyayo hse counter for ecitizen, it’s outside so no booking appointment, tell him you want to edit your application.

Do this each day keep checking for available slots, you might be lucky and get a slot.

People cancel each day, I got an earlier slot that way in July instead of October . The other option is you go and talk “nicely” to the AP at the entrance, but it’s quite difficult.
Another option is you simply change point of submissions to embu etc .

You can’t edit after you have submitted the application. you can only edit incomplete applications before final submission.

I.e you can fill in forms part 1,2,3 then leave it that way, then go back some other day and EDIT and continue with 4,5,6 etc then submit