Watu nataka passport ii week na ni urgent… Leads zikuje…kakitu pia iko

Ungekuwa kwa immigration saa hii.

When will pple learn that you can’t rush to have a passport in one day?

Believers in corruption.

I don’t even have a birth cert gaddamn it

Do you have 50k

Rudi Somalia

Do you even exist?

Ile passport unaweza pata haraka labda ni mzinga

Ukitaka passport photograph in less than ten minutes si fika studio my fren

I lack a passport and would like to have one. Kindly enlighten on the process to be followed in acquiring one. Though sina mbio nayo

At the right price you can have it in 3 hours.
This is Kenya.

your id and birth cert…then when you get the forms to fill you’ll need one referee.

Funny during my first time and i was in extreme hurry i presented myself at nine, went out to get a referee, returned the forms signed at ten, was processed- photographs, signing etc out by 11 and went for some needed medicals returned at three thirty and my passport was ready. not a single request for a bribe (even though my employer had provided 30k for speeding things up). Out of my good heart nikatoa 10 k wakakunyue chai. my boss couldn’t believe i had a passport by the end of the day. i guess your demeanour also determines if you’ll be extorted.

Tigai ungumania.

Inbox for quotation

someone confirm am I also supposed go with copies of my parents birth certificates ama copies of their ids ? a buddy is telling me I should go with my parents birth certificates of which I doubt are available .

who can be the referee in this case?

Huko sikuji.

anyone who knows you.asiwe relative . must take with him plus his/her I’d… Lazma asign