It is easy to know who will clinch the Nairobi women’s rep position, just walk on streets with photos of Esther Passaris and Rachel Shebes, ask men to choose which pussy they would like to ejaculate inside, majority will tell you its Esther Passaris. I will vote for that muhindi bimbo.

Good for you. Esther Muthoni Passaris is a muhindi bimbo. Atleast she will become the woman rep for Nairobi county thanks to your one vote.


i have had sexual intercourse with one of the two, not saying which one though ;):wink:

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Wanking to a poster doesn’t count as sex.


Why would you name your palms esther passaris and rachel shebesh?


I had sex with one of the Kardashians but I am not naming.

It is passaris. Kwa ile thread yangu ya hot politicians, shebesh hakukuwa.

Hehe patikana my fren:)


Ktalk people have had sex with Ms Universe 2017. The meat is in the proof. Toa Mbisha na signature. Fantasies are good. And fat wallets. If she can turn down James Mwangi with his 100 million, what are your chances.

Evil minds, have same respect

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Passaris is half Greek half Kenyan and maybe you but i don’t find her attractive at all

Lakini ni kama hii kiti ni yake

@chuka leta thermal effidence of you ferking Passaris

Passaris Muthoni used to be hot years back. I think she is now past the sell-by date.

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Miguna akichukuwa how will he work with Passaris?

This is what Women Rep/rape position has turned into?