Passaris vs Mwangi wa Ekwity.

Nimeona hii mshenee hapo Nairobi wire.
She accuses Mwangi of sexul harassment.

[SIZE=6]Esther Passaris: “Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi Sexually Harassed Me”[/SIZE] businesswoman Esther Passaris has made some sensational claims regarding celebrated Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi.

Ms Passaris, widely known from her Adopt-a-Light days, was commenting on a link the Star newspaper had shared on a bill in parliament on jailing bank CEOs that flout regulations on bank interest rates.

The bill sponsored by Kiambu Town MP Jude Njomo states that the CEO shall be imprisoned for a term not less than one year.

“A person shall not enter into an agreement or arrangement to borrow or lend directly or indirectly at an interest rate in excess of that approved by law…a bank or financial institution that contravenes the provision commits an offence and shall be liable to a fine of not less than one million shillings.

“…in breach, the CEO shall be imprisoned for a term not less than one year,” it reads.

Ms Passaris commented saying that Equity Bank levies hidden charges and refuses to reverse. She also sneaked in a a sexual harassment claim.

“start with @KeEquityBank who levy hidden charges & refuses to reverse the same. Also find ways to address sexual harassment.” she wrote.

Obviously her followers wanted some clarification on what she meant by ‘sexual harassment.’

“Wat do u mean by sexual harassment n in which context n sense?” @JoeAtandi asked.

“James Mwangi CEO cannot handle being rejected. Regret banking there & having the bank as a client.” she replied.

@tndemwa wanted more information. “OGW you mean that dude wanted some some from truly yours?” he asked.

The businesswoman then dropped the bombshell.

“Yes.We were friends. But he expected me to be his mistress.I said No. He decided to finish me.”

Another Twitter user, @DrWambua, asked her if she pressed charges against him, to which she replied,

That was a nasty experience for my family, my company and I. #SurvivalMode

Boniface Mwangi then added his voice, saying that this is not the first time he is hearing such allegations against Mr. Mwangi.

She replied.

But Robert Alai was not buying the story. He blamed Passaris for ‘peddling’ herself.

We’ll be watching this story to see how it develops.

hatugwesi click unless ni clit

Ni kura natafuta

Angalia hapi juu.

Tumeanza kukua kama americans. Finishing men bug men by ochestrated lies. …

This woman was engaged i a long-running court case with one tycoon, and now she’s after Mwangi? Tragedy of an aging beauty trying to hog the limelight…

Kelele kama hii ndio inafanya at times rape victims are not taken seriously.

I find myself in agreement with alai twice in under a week, strange times indeed. True Passaris has a bad reputation targeting rich men in return for business contracts worth millions.


Turning to the court of public opinion- it’s the worst, and the evidence is romors

You speak like the guy on your avatar .
Tata ije #Introvert.

Jamaa aliomba kuma akakataa, then why does she make a fuss? Hata kama wewe ni James na umefika hiyo level yake, women will put thuruari on head just to gain favors. Sour grapes.

It was the same thing when she had KCB contract and how people rolled their eyes as she was cosy with former senior staffs.

Oduor-Otieno alikamua ama?

Hii maneno ukweli utajitokeza tu. But if I were James, I would let my lawyers handle the issue. Sigwes fungua mdomo kujaribu kupingana na mtu kama huyo mama. She reeks of feminist ideals.

Manzi anakuja umfanyie kitu…unamuomba coomer…anakushika shika deek…unaskia poa. Una give in Na yeye anaku promise coomer next time. Kumbe Ni ujanjez. Una stop kufanya kenye ulikuwa unamfanyia. Ki mama kinaanza story Na sexual harassment. Kwani Kuna makosa gani kuomba coomer Na Mimi nikufanyie kitu?

Mwangi ameniambia alikamua nyoka dly fly na he has no leglets ata kama aliwekea nyoka mcheti…

naona kama ni mbei hawakuerewanwo ama hakuribwo mbeca ire warierewanwo:)

hata mimi niliomba ule mama alizaa juzi yaani @mrs4letter akaniweka ignore mode na hakusumbua

Ulitaka kunyonya maziwa ?