Passaris: A Typical ODM Incident.

Don’t we all kniow that Babu Owino’s very long tenure as SONU President is because he has a lucrative racket going on, where any outsiders wishing to use the grounds and buildings are supposed to pay huge fees on top of the officially agreed amounts?

I wonder who that aspiring MCA is who has taken over part of Babu’s gig:

[SIZE=6]How goons held me hostage,demanded Sh150,000 at UoN - Passaris narrates ordeal[/SIZE]

Nairobi woman rep aspirant Esther Passaris has claimed that goons attacked her and roughed up her bodyguards at the University of Nairobi on Friday.

Passaris was invited to deliver a motivational talk to Women Students Welfare Association members at the UoN women Hall.

She said about 30 goons attacked her after she arrived at the institution.

“They blocked my entry, roughed up my bodyguards,” she said via twitter on Saturday.

Passaris claimed that the goons were led by a former student who demanded that she gives him Sh150,000.

“…the student is also an aspirant for MCA. I refused to pay them to enter but they got rougher and rougher, hurling insults, threatening violence,” she said.

Narrating her ordeal, Passaris said her bodyguards managed to get her into the hall, with the help of male UoN students. But noted that the goons did not stop at their thirst to get the ransom from her.

“I got the chance to talk to the students but trouble started again when I had to leave the hall,” she said.

“The same gang was now inside the school and demanding money to let us out. They attacked us, broke the door handles of my car, side mirrors and threatened to burn the car.”

Passaris said the gang grabbed her handbag and roughed up her bodyguards.

“They found nothing but now they got incensed. They stoned the car, blocked our passage with rocks, shouting abuses at me,” she said.

The Nairobi businesswoman said she managed to call the police and managed to get away.

“We sought refuge at Kileleshwa Police Station. Though the MCA aspirant was arrested later, the threat of violence still remains a central part of these elections,” she said.

Passaris asked the police to protect Women aspirants as Kenya heads into August polls.

Passaris beat five opponents to get 65,104 votes for the Nairobi woman representative ticket in the ODM primaries. She will battle for the women representative seat with Jubilee’s Rachel Shebesh.

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“The dangers that women aspirants face even within institutions is far from acceptable. Something must be done,” Passaris said.

“I ask the National Police Service, and the IEBC that even as they prepare for the elections, they must take measures. Protect women”

Speaking to the Star on Saturday, Nairobi county commander Japheth Koome confirmed that Passaris had lodged a formal complaint at the Kileleshwa police station.

“But she has not yet recorded a statement of the same,” Koome said noting that the matter is under investigation.

This woman plays victim too much ata pengine aliwalipa wamfanyie hivyo in a very coincidental setting that just happened to be a topic about women.

I thought women were as strong as men…equality ni ya kazi gani…

to hell with these stupid university kids. they’re very stupid.
and if that shitface wants to be an mca imagine the kind of shit he’ll get up to.
this country’s youth leaders are still borns.

Cc @M2Random and the dwarfs.

Have this taximan who I really like - professional, friendly and not too talkative. A usually sensible guy; he decides that he wants to be an MCA. His fellow taximen encouraged him to vie “tuko nyuma yako kasee”. Nikamwambia “Buda, Hii politics ni chocha tu. Cool it down na hiyo pesa umetenga kwa haya mambo tumia kwa mkeo na watoto”. For some “funny” reason akaona kama nina wivu na yeye. Alinyoroshwa kwa nominations kama burukenge. I have no sympathy for fools!!!

Kama ako na kifua, he can run independent. MCA nominations in the major parties ziko no wenyewe.

Told him so. Walakin: Sikio la kufa halisikii dawa!

How does he interact with you after the kichapo? Kuna wengi sana najua wameangusha biashara zao just to contest.