Pass degree

Niliweka hii thread sometimes back of my fren alipata “Pass degree” last year…manze guy is still fucked up in the asss…hata internship kupata imekuwa ngumu…kwa ground vitu ni different. I feel sorry for him


Ikiwa mimi hudharau watu wa second upper, huyo si nitamkunia kwa mdomo then i order him to koroga meffi na ulimi hadi iwe smooth na consistent ka yoghurt?

Every young man should read “How to Get on in the World, A Ladder to Practical Success” by A.R. Calhoun

Chokoch how do you feel pretending to be a female, yet you are proud of it when men inbox you?

Contrary to what you think, Kenya is a country where you must have someone hold your hand to get an opportunity. This, regardless of whether you got a first class or pass. I am speaking from experience as a recent graduate. I know guys who got pass but their tall relatives and networks held their hands to greatness. I have friends who got first class and strong second class Upper who are just surviving from hand to mouth. Hold his hand if you are capable. Kenya has no meritocracy!

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Heard somewhere kisii university cleans PASS degree …yaani unaenda do some units and graduate afresh with a higher class degree

How to Get on in the World: A Ladder to Practical Success by A. R. Calhoun | Project Gutenberg

Is my handle pink? @Thiem ni gay. Unaweza aje inbox ndume mwenzako? Nikama @uwesmake akuinbox akiimba mkia. Si utaanika yeye

Pass degree ni disaster. But sidhani ni useless. It is still better than nothing in my opinion. Anaweza kuwa governor na pass…no questions asked :D:D

Ushawahi soma job advertisement inasema minimum qualification “bachelor’s degree”. So, just because he is down, doesn’t mean he is out. Kwanza akachukua diploma ama certificate valuable atakuwa competitive.

Thank you.

Back in my Uni days the guys who did not care about their grades were mostly the people from well off backgrounds who were looking to go into self employment after finishing their degree.If you have an entrepreneurial mind and have folks who can support you while you start off in self employment,bad college grades will not matter and the sky will be the limit to what you can achieve in self employment. Otherwise if you are doing poorly in college and expect to rely on a job and a salary for the rest of your life then you will have big problems starting a decent career path once you graduate.

Kenyans are very funny pple. Instead ya kuenda campo kusoma engineeering unaenda kuparty, kutomba mafresha na kufanya supplementaries. Unatoka na pass or 2nd lower halafu u expect mtu akupatie kazi in this country???. Kama unajua hutasoma upate 1st class in campo, just quit that big course and start a business as early as 19 years old. By the time your mates graduate at 24/25ish utakuwa unakafunga atleast 200K per month. After that go back to sch and pursue a small degree ya miaka mbili just to graduate.

Most students start off at the right path wakiwa 1st year. But after 3rd year all goes to hell, inakuwa ni supplementaries galore. Mwishowe unaokota pass yako unakuja kusumbua watu hapa nje.

I guess nyinyi ni watoto mmeenda campo after education became fully commercialized aka parallel degrees. Universities started dishing out 1st classes to compete for parallel students. During my time at UoN (late 90’s) 1st class degrees were so rare. A whole Lower Kabete campus would dish out only one 1st class every 2-3 years. People used to get passes especially in Accounting and still get employed. Only audit firms and blue chip companies looking for Management Trainees were keen on 2nd Uppers. Lakini getting a pass right now is F…ed.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D In the IT field a degree is as useless as thieth.Its either you know or you dont know really.I have a work mate who actually did mechanical engineering…but we in the same office…His IT skills are upthere.Degree is useless these days in areas that actual output is required.

Pass or no pass is not a determinant of success in life. It is only an issue if you want to so academics in that field, but not necessarily

I don’t want to mention my course but the units that I did from 3rd year were enough to make someone insane. Some degree courses are not a walk in the park. 2nd upper yangu ilinitosha kupata job

Hii reasoning ni ya upuss. I can attest that most of these niggas with good grades are quite useless when it comes to delivering. Kwanza juu ya hiyo entitlement nimesoma. Firstclass sikuhizi kuna companies hutupa kwa dustbin juu jamaa atakuja hapo kudai insane salaries kuliko wadosi.

Education is shit in Kenya!!! Juana na watu.