Partying in Nairobi vs coasto

It is unbelievable just how different partying in Nairobi & Coasto is. Nairobians are all about appearances & setting standards. Some even skip lunch Mon-Fri just so they can spend 10k on drinks at B-Club once a week. Most are always sharply dressed lakini bank accounts ziko empty.

Nairobians essentially live pay check to pay check in an effort to lead instagramable lifestyles.

On the other hand people in coasto (and most up county towns) aren’t show-offs. They don’t care about how rich or famous you are, what you do or where you come from. People just go out, have fun & live within their means. You could be sharing a table with someone worth several billions and you would never know.

Lakini a typical Nairobian who recently won a tender worth 2.5 million utamjua. He will be making so much noisy in the club, boasting of how connected he is, buying liquor kama Mike Sonko & uploading pics of the receipts on Facebook.

As a coasterian i stamp this with kiasi salt… …
[SIZE=1]Madem ni washamba na sector ya make up ni hit and miss ya karata[/SIZE]

You are right I greatly enjoyed my 2yr stint in Mombasa. You never needed alot to have money to have fun … ata ukiwa na 500 mbele nyuma so long as ukona friends you can have Helluva a night.

Those in clubs 98% ni wa bara homie… Raised in uswazi uko ndiko Heena na piko hu Reign so kuwa mpole upande wa make up… Attend one of swahili weddin’ u will understand wat I’m talkin abt…

FACT, from experience

this is why at 40 you find the crew you had are having stable lives while you are in one huge mud pool

I get you. . Hata weddings niko ndani mbaya form ya majengo ya kufunga road… Hadi bamburi na shanzu za esto mzima still sector ya make up ni wierd…like its just a hit or miss as i said kuna wale they put that shit and you break ya neck and kuna wengine its like ni reflector usiku mzima… And the heat doesnt help sometimes. .But its all good nu hometown na ninawapenda wote… Hata kama ni washamba kiaje. . Its adorable. .


true. go to mama ngina on weekends, real tycoons, milango wazi kila mtu na majani zake. in coast all people are equal, white kanzu n open shoes

But pia malocals za estate na some funny bars in downtown zimejaa real mbirrionares my fen

una machungu naona

True. Hakuna pressure & most friends you make in coasto are real.

Uswazi ni side gani? I’m yet to attend a Swahili wedo.

Absolutely true. If such a man loses their job sababu hana notable investments his family immediately moves from middle-class to abject poverty.

I admire hio swag yao even though I don’t understand raha ya handas.

True. Lakini mbona real birrionaires are very stingy? Akupea soo moja uphotocopy docs hata ikibaki 87 Bob lazima utamrudishia.

Sio machungu. I feel sorry for the friends I left in that lifestyle.