Partying comrades ruin night out

Reflections of days gone by when as a comrade I would party the night away and rouse at dawn fresh and energetic.

On a recent night out I ended up at a rental room populated by university students. Sleep overcame me around 10am, yes I’m in late 30s you see.
No sooner had I stepped into dreamland than the noise and din of partying comrades rose. They would compete with a noisy sound system to make the night a torment. A birthday bash marked by a cake cutting session was the highlight of their party which soon climaxed to drunked bralws and damage of property. The excited youngsters continued in their nefarious ways until 1.53pm when it all grew silent.
With sleep disrupted, I turned and toased in bed hoping to catch some sleep again. My date even sympathised with me. Eventually, I fell asleep and woke up at 7am having not fully slept.
I could be angry now, but I remember those were exactly my ways and nights as a comrade. Now here I’m always happy for a silent night.

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