Come lets do business and succeed in life. If you can’t raise capital alone, we can do it together. We should be starting up a business where we can earn from daily on February 2017. Inbox me for more details n how to go about it. Thanks.

Wekerea details hapa, hakuna mtu ata ku inbox then akutumie mbesha chini ya maji umkamue


Wewe Kama unaona Tu kuibiwa pesa yenye huna, kojoa ukalale.
Wenye wanainbox Si wajinga. They are business people n can’t just give away cash without reasoning. So keep your suggestion to yourself.

were you not here with this same tall tale this morning? unless you give an outline…

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It’s not people like you that I need… Sorry


Wacha tuone atapata wangapi

Serious and Mature Kenyans lets meet here tuongee biz.

Could you by any chance be looking for “a fool and his/her money are soon parted?”


Direct transleshen=osungu dll, @introvert niaje?

@Web Dev kwani leo mtoi amekushtua na round house kick hadi usingizi imeisha?

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Nlikimbizwa 3am Noija sober,ndio na maliza lirudi. :D:D

Wewe unasema nini sasa?? please, hurry n go back to school.

con alert.

It is difficult to recommend anything specific to your needs. First, you need to know as much information as possible about each other. Discuss workflow. Before it useful to read the general information about a business like this - .
In the future it can and will reach the capital investment.

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