....................Part 8

I was going to post it today, but the Village is not in a laughing mood







And if you’re down with the administration, #FerkYouToo



Mimi nataka kucheka, I don’t count?

Even Pac said something in the line of …ID AMIN. So #ferkAdmean


#FerkAdmin and #FerkEveryOne who sides with him.


Wow the village is on fire today eh! I personally don’t care about any titles here but definitely #FERKADMIN and #FERKALLTHEMODS
On a serious note though @admin and mods why are you taking so long to address the talkers? You clearly don’t give a fvck as long as all these threads are contributing to the so called “google indexing”. Behave like the leader you are supposed to be!

Wakenya wako obsessed na tutitle na tuplot.lakini pia sitaki kuachwa so:
Ferk Admin.

@mona_lisa kelele mumepiga sana we can hardly hear each other hapa kwa crisis meeting.


Hapana @old monk that’s not an excuse for the silence. This thing has been going on for hours. You could have easily put up a post telling the talkers that you have heard them and you are working on a solution. Hivyo tu muone watu wakicalm down. Silence could mean your are just ignoring.

Ucheke il’hali hujapona stitches za episiotomy? si utapasuka msamba?


Nitombwe nasijapona stitches za episiotomy? So nitapasuka msamba?

@Mrs4thletter the town 5 Kilometers away was for Admin.





Ilikuwa episiotomy ama caesarian? remind me.

Episiotomy is a cut on the area between the vagina and anus to increase room for the baby to get out during a normal delivery its not done that often. A lot of women tear in the same area as the baby comes out.

To answer your que… I had a normal delivery @dingoo_wa_ingoo

Nacheka na niko na machungu.