Parliamentary System and IEBC Reform Contradiction

Come to think of it, Cord has been proposing that we go the parliamentary system of government where MPs choose a Prime Minister from a party with majority or a coalition of party with the majority to run the country and not through the popular vote by the people. Interestingly on the IEBC reform, they do not want the same parliament to be in charge but that “the people” should be involved since MPs can be bribed or that there is tyranny of numbers.

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Its tiring keeping up with cord contradictions, kwanza ujinga is parading a few people then trying to claim sovereignty of the “people” is bigger than constitutional bodies. Get 2/3 of Kenyans voters to approve a constitutional referendum then claim sovereignty of the people not a few hundred people.


self interest everywhere i think all kenyans wanahitaji kuona hii movie ndo wa realize politicians ni servants si leaders

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And so, when jubilee captures majority seats in parliament next year, what will they say?

Nchi si ya kabila mbili. The now tired tirade.

Cord is a whiner, like mosquitoes. These conditions they are proposing are akin to those of kids clamoring for a tv to watch cartoons. This issue is becoming stale now.

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