Parliament sneaks law to protect GOK projects from litigation

-It will now be difficult for individuals to challenge government projects after Parliament passed a law blocking courts from issuing conservatory orders against such projects.
-Documents filed in court by lobbyist Okiya Omtatah show that Parliament last month passed into law a clause which invalidates all orders issued by National Environment Tribunal to stop projects being implemented by the State over environmental concerns including Gauge Railway through the Nairobi National Park
-The amendment to Section 129 of the Environmental Management and Co-Ordination Act 1999 was inserted in the Prevention of Torture Act 2017 as Section 29 by Leader of Majority Aden Duale. It was a late addition to the Bill, and was never subjected to the committee stage where the public is notified and invited to participate.
-The co-relation between the two Acts has been questioned. The environment Act gives the tribunal powers to block any project that is perceived harmful to the flora and fauna.

genius move. :slight_smile:

That should have done kitambo.
it good.

It is not good, it might lead to exploitation.

Judiciary inasemaje? But really, you can’t prevent courts from doing their work. The Judiciary is supreme. Kesho utaskia Judge amerule the clause is unconstitutional

Of course it is unconstitutional. I wonder who advises these MPigs.

A dangerous road, check and balance is what makes the country.

good move…another law the mps should look into is the making those mofos who build on road reserve pay

How will they do that when they rarely act in the interests of the citizenry?

Thats the sad part. I mean, we pay these guys using our cash bt they rarely look out for us

and the pigs have lawyers among them.

Hio ata haitamaliza a month before the Judiciary strikes it out, the government cannot audit itself, someone must have the authority and power to correct the executive when in the wrong.

This guy Okiya Omtata shows where we wentq wrong as a country why is it that the LSK and all the lawyers in the land are silent when the constitution is being abused and mutilated? Why qqdoqn’t they make noise and sue those culpable? Where are our engineers to evaluate the SGR and tell us whether it is a rip off as some have claimed? Where are doctors when GoK distributes equipment to tell us whether we are actually benefitting ama ni PR tu?? Until professionals participate in national conversations politicians will fuck as up till kingdom come.

I have been admiring your analysis. Kenyans middle class and professionals are always aloof. They pretend bad politics don’t affect them. Look at Nairobi with Kidero. Dirt everywhere, but you will never hear them talk

Exactly. That is why I was shocked to see some characters here dismiss miguna when he highlighted the ailing of the media. Omtata is the modern day people’s watchman.

Where is the opposition in parliament. Why are they quiet. LSK? NEMA?

We need a Che Guevara/Simón Bolivar type of revolutionary, who will bring about change and walk away. Unfortunately, we as Kenyans are too divided for this to work.

We just dont care anymore, it will take a ban on akoho and mdinyano for guys to get angry enough, speak up and pour out into the streets in righteous anger.

There are alot of Che’s out there, alot of Wangari Maathai’s, they just don’t care.

That’s the reason why a certain gentleman takes to the street from time to time. There’s really no system to protect the common man and his descendants. Sometimes I wonder what will happen once he retires.

We have had cases of courts being a abused.