Parliament adopts changes to electoral law

The National Assembly has passed all proposed amendments to the elections Act amid protests from ODM leaning MPs.
MPs on Thursday morning debated changes proposed by the Legal Affairs Committee, which among other things, reinstated provisions for manual identification of voters in case the electronic system fails.
The House also adopted a proposal for manual transmission of results, which the Orange party had opposed.
The Jubilee Party took advantage of its numbers in the House to push through the changes to Elections Laws

Leo? Ha ha

We don’t have to oppose everything just to creat unnecessary issues


Yes, because if we were to ask Millie Odhiambo, Opiyo Wandayi and Peter Kaluma what should happen in the event of a power failure or loss of 3G network, they would just whip out their whistles and get a-blowin’.


tega mtego ujitege.
fyak jubilee
fyak cord
fyak ababu namwamba
fyak duale


Wish Jubilee had the same level of enthusiasm when it comes fighting ills afflicting the citizenry of The Republic of Kenya


Tyranny of numbers comes in handy when it’s time to protect eating opportunities.
Looking forward to MPs using this new found energy to pass non MP related bills. But most likely they’ll come up with an excuse to prolong the term.


Passing the bill is a move in the right direction. Anybody can sabotage power supply and throw the election process in shambles.


You meant Rao can sabotage. …

Any Aspirant, may it be for the seat of MCA, MP or Presidential candidate .
Even @Wakanyama can sabotage power if Uhuru is in the verge of losing.



Ni baridi ya majuu imekomesha akili ama? Jubilee has done nothing but implement practical measures to fight the biggest ill of them all: poverty.

@spear keeps you abreast of the progress daily.

Under the leadership of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto

Kenya under Jubilee Government has added 514.9 megawatts of electricity to her National Grid bringing the total to 2,125 megawatts; a 31% growth in total generation capacity.
This has thus enabled the Jubilee government to connect 18,424 of the 21,500 primary schools to electricity. Also, the total number of users connected to electricity has grown by over 41% between March 2013 and today, raising the customer base to 3,150,000 Kenyans.

Kenya is now the world’s eighth-largest geothermal producer with a steam power capacity of 579 megawatts. This has reduced Consumer Electricity Bills by 25% since August 2014.

The World Bank and other economic factors indicate that Kenya is now a middle-income nation since 2014. Our GDP is at USD 53.3 billion with GDP per capita at USD 1,246.
Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with an economic growth of 6 percent.
Out of the 57 fastest-growing economies ranked by Bloomberg, Kenya was the third fastest growing economy behind China and the Philippines.

Close to half of the 609 km standard gauge railway track is already excavated and ready for sleepers; the Port of Lamu is on course. A new terminal (terminal 1A which currently carries 80% of all business at JKIA) has also been completed.
The Jubilee Government introduced Huduma Centers and e-Citizen Government Services Portal which has digitalized services like renewal of Driving Licenses, Business Name Searches and Registration of Marriages, Passport Applications and Official Land Searches.
Huduma Kenya has since won over 5 global awards.
The NYS has been restructured and they are really helping in upgrading of informal settlements such as Kibera, Mathare, Korogocho, Mukuru Kwa Njenga and Kiandutu in Thika.
The Jubilee government also established the National Land Titling Centre, which has processed close to 400,000 new title deeds to date.

The Jubilee Government also introduced Free Maternal Hospital Services and intends to have cancer centers across the nation
The Jubilee Government has so far disbursed over 5.3 Billion Shillings of the UWEZO Fund to benefit social groups economically.

Counties get more than the constitution says. Funding to counties has increased from 190 billion shillings in the first financial year to 226 billion in the current financial year, and projecting 258 billion shillings in the next financial year, well beyond the 15% minimum.

Jubilee intends to establish a 10 billion shillings kitty over the next three years to be used for restorative justice for Kenyans who have suffered historical injustices like PEV.

We Believe in Kusema na Kutenda



We forget quickly, but there was that day this year when a monkey is said to have caused a national blackout. There must be back-up measures in place.

Interestingly, ODM was part of the formulation of the safeguards, then JaKuon hears of it and it becomes part of his rigging claims, so he sends his noisiest pitbull bitch to raise a ruckus at the doors of Parliament.


What happened to Justice Odunga today? Amerusha injuction ya Baba nje na dirisha. Ama ameonjeshwa Nyamabite?

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This is a good move anyone opposed to this is a moron


I wish I was as optimistic as u guys are. Corruption is killing the future of Kenya, I think we are in the early stages of curbing the menace though.

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Heko kwa Jubilee MPs for seeing the plot ilikuwa inapikwa. CORD wamenaswa. Michael Yard, naswa

that is why there is security! the same way manual transmission may increase as it gets to the tally centre.
there is no real argument here. just jubilants fighting a noble move because they want to rig.
fyak jubilee
fyak cord
fyak millie odhiambo
fyak nderitu gachagua

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Unathani security will prevent failures of the electronic system? Kama USA resorted to paper voting in some states, who are we to say that the system is 100% efficient?


Are you saying the govt cannot afford diesel generators?

so when it works in Ghana and fails in the US the US becomes our benchmark??

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