Parking in petrol stations banned

Nairobi County bans parking in petrol stations

This is just an extortion move, ban parking so council askaris will get another avenue of extorting matatu crew/owner

You need to expound on this , overnight parking or one stop parking nikiwa kwa restaurant or atm?

Ndio nashangaa, although some petrol stations zinafaa kuwacha jokes, unapata wameweka restaurant then patrons park hapo, wanazuia movement ya gari zina fuel

Or expect on transit customers and have not secured a parking for them.Unakula ukiangalia kanjo

Na kwani lazima u fuel hapo?

upuzi…wanataka matatu alale wapi.

Sasa hii ni swali gani unauliza…ama you just wanted to feel you’ve posted something.

I’m saying if you spot such a petrol station move to the next one. Its a thing with shell mostly.

na zile matatu stage ziko kwa petrol stations? Naonaga ikiwa risky

That’s stupid sonkoism , the county can’t dictate to people what they do on private land unless it’s a safety hazard.