Park Central Towers 25-22-17 Storeys South C Nairobi

Park Central Exclusive one, two and three bedroom apartments are designed to take advantage of the developments captivating setting, while also providing comfort, luxury and modern convenience.

Positioned at the convergence if two of the city’s main transport arteries yet facing the Nairobi National Park, park central boasts the rare combination of connectivity and timeless view that few properties can advocate. Investors are expected to make substantial capital gain on the residences especially given the development is likely to completely redefine this neighborhood.
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by the time they are done with the building that lion will not be there anymore

true. SGR has already chased them away

Aircraft overflying that area need to learn new tricks…how to lift their wheels.

I’m no pilot but visualization ni muhimu.

Let me guess - Kshs 40 million .

A friend told me stori ya 200k pm rent…