Parjeets wamepiga Chinese soldiers at the Pradesh Mountain border kama Burukenge




hakuna kitu mbaya kama D- amekosa kazi

Pale India lasima uwe graduate to join the army buana

Revenge after their own were beaten and a few killed about 2 years ago !

I saw a video huko Gore sites a few years ago… The Chinese bludgeoned 35 Parjeets to death banae.

Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi should meet at the border. Wavae boxing gloves. Walimane mangumi. Last man standing claims the territory.

Pro tip. Hii maneno ya India na China don’t read of watch Indian news or commentators.
Alafu hii video ni ya last year.

This is what KDF should have done at Migingo.

Starting with that juvenile son Muhoozi of diktator Museveni.

Bure kabisa!:D:D:D

Both China and India are masters of propaganda…

How about watching both sides of the propaganda and making the decision yourself?

Though I have to admit that sijawatch the Chinese take on this latest confrontation.

China releases videos za events wakiona India wamedanganya sana to shut them up.

Yes @Sambamba leo ndio utaenda ofisi za safaricom ama? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Naskia unajuana na ka midget mwenyewe. :D:D:D:D:D

Ati huwa mna catch drinks hapo Valley Arcade

Na kweli wewe ni hasora. Ulikuwa umejaribu hadi India? :D:D

Msapere akikataa shida hatakagi upus. I respect that. Qatar is very beautiful country. But fuck Al jazeera.

Kuna boardwalk fulani hapo Mina District. It’s simply stunning.

India can never beat China in any war. If China wanted, it could have occupied those lands since 1962 when they beat them like burukenges and chased them into the India interior. Chinese withdrew voluntarily because they were becoming infamous as they had recently occupied Tibet by force

Where do your assumptions come from? Chinese military has no combat experience

Chinese ni watu waoga sana. Walichapwa na British, Japanese, Koreans etc.

In real life kung fu is useless. Hata pale U.S wana pigwa mangumi, mateke… na wanaenda tu.

China is the only country I know of where a govt official can come to your house and inject poison into the baby inside your pregnant wife and you the husband you do absolutely nothing about it.

Hawa wasee hunyanyaswa vibaya sana. Right now they are being forced to run like mad people daily to line up to get a covid test ama the QR code on their phone turns red and one has no access to public services.

Hebu jaribu hio ujinga Kenya. Ati uende pale Gikosh uambie watu story ya QR code.

Ama uende pale Kisumu kwa ile roundabout udunge a pregnant woman na shindano. Utazikwa ukiwa a million pieces.

Wanapigana na vijiti si wapigane Kung Fu na karate:D:D

Those are old videos.

These Chinese decisively defeated India during the Sino-Indian War of 1962…

India has been losing territory BTW ever since.

[SIZE=7]India loses 300 square km to China after bloody summer in Himalayas, officials say[/SIZE]
[li]Chinese soldiers now reportedly prevent Indian patrols entering an area five times the size of Manhattan near the two countries’ disputed border[/li][li]The last six months have effectively drawn new battle lines across a freezing high-altitude desert, raising tensions to their highest point in decades[/li][/ul]

It is better than Putin vs Ukraine. Kila kijana hapa at least atakula krismas. Minus a few teeth here and there.

Wacha propaganda wewe… see my response to @miritiandes and show us evidence of India ever reconquering any captured territory from the Chinese.

India have been loosing national territory like sitting ducks…