Am I the only one feeling am being conned? Nowadays you pay fees transport as a good parent several books now my son told me that tommorow they were told to go with 2 rims of photocopying papers .each pupil ,hii si ni utapeli and the exams they do each term even a rim is enough?

Private school?

Tow the line.

Ikiwekwa kwa fee you’ll pay twice the amount for a rim of paper.


Kenyan parents question nothing, ni vizuri wainame wachukue sabuni, hadi ile siku watajua kuuliza maswali. Kwa sasa ivi endeleeni kutajirisha wakuu wa shule.

the solution is in this video.

:D:D kua mpole

Generally Most Kenyans don’t have balls to stand their ground. It’s why we still have the same thieves for leaders.

Kuna biz inaendelea,shule zote zinaulizia. Hii yako unaibiwo,mbili jameni?

…where my sons school at, they introduced hoods…:smiley:
Kenye ilinijazz ni the number of exercise books-19 yet they write on the textbooks. Masomo ya sahi imeshinda hata ya university…:smiley:

The same stupidity I see here :smiley: na keypii chenyewe ni joker Kama mimi hii ni hasara akianani ,though it’s not much but I av heard several friends whose kids are in that academy complaining

…by the time keypii anafika grade seven, anakuwa ametumia almost a million kusoma…kupata cert ya primary school. Hii new system si mchezo…wondering how parents with kids in public school are coping.

:D:D ukifikiria hii maneno unaeza pata umewapeleka shitty public school , good thing is it’s just for 25 years na mmalizane

… Mimi nilipiga hesabu nkaona since I joined school sijatumia saidi ya hundred k from kindergarten to university…:smiley:

Hii generation yetu life ilikua fiti, fees mzee alilipa mingi ni 20k nikiwa form one plus kashoping ka box , campus alisema nijisort na helb:D

…alafu unapata hakuna jobs…but pia naona education in Kenya will only be for the rich.

In every situation even a sinking country 70% of kids have to go thru some form of education, here in Kenya even peasants struggle like hell to educate their progeny to even extend of selling ancestral land.
At my place the chiefs are serious with child education, if it’s noticed your kids don’t attend school it becomes a case so everyone is striving, and God blesses us with best minds like Willy mutunga and many others not leaving my governor charity.
It’s only Nairobi chokosh like the likes of @Douchebag whose work is to procreate like rats that they can’t educate the little rats in a decent school.