Parents storm Bondeni Secondary school in Nyeri, flush out principal accused of sodomizing students

Parent’s and residents of Bondeni village in Mweiga, Kieni constituency stormed Bondeni Secondary school and paralysed examinations exercise as they flushed out the school principal over sodomy allegations.

According to the parents, the principal has been threatening the students in case they revealed his behaviour to anyone.

The irritated parents and villagers stormed the school waving twigs and placards as they chanted anti principal’s slogans and invaded classrooms where the learners were sitting for their end of term examinations.

This forced the students out of the examination room before storming the Principal’s office and reddening him out of the school.

“We will not allow the principal to teach our children evil deeds, it’s shameful that he instead of being a father figure to the young boys he is the one who is misusing them,” a villager said.

The parents claimed that over 20 students have stopped going to school as they fear being sodomized by the school principal, whom they claim to be abusive any time a parent tries to raise the claims with the school.

“My son revealed to the police that the school principal called him in his office and coerced him to sleep with him in the name of he will become an intelligent student. He also threatened to kill him if he ever dared to report his evil deeds,” one of the parents said.

The parents have now vowed to paralyse learning in the school until the principal is transferred. Kieni west sub county police commander Ahmed Ali confirmed to have received the complaints and has said investigations have commenced

Satan’s kingdom must come down

It’s funny since since yesterday @uwesmake nde has disappeared and stopped mentioning me:D

They should have tortured him slowly but painfully to death then burned the carcass.

He be transferred!!!:mad:that pedopile should be jailed for life where he can enjoy his lifestyle with like minded perverts.

lipeni tu fees wazazi

Reminds me of a former OCS, every time allegations were made against him he’d be transferred. But in most cases they were made by adult males then ikafika mahali he started being a father figure, ha I think he’s still battling in the courts

Unadeenyer watoto micoondur ghaseer na umeachiliwa :D:D wewe kufa hunanga maana kwa hii dunia ,I curse you with your offspring , kueni Wenda wazimu na muishe kabisaa dunia utulie .

Principal should be suspended pending investigations, not transerred aanze kutesa watoto wa wengine if the allegations were indeed true.