Parents saidieni priss

The fruit

yenye afya

I will make it my business to inform you that I am a father of a nine year old boy and when he was at that age,I did what was necessary to ensure that he and his mother got everything they needed to ensure healthy lives. But I swear I never did at any one time ask about weaning and stuff. Kwani ni mimi nilikuwa nanyonyesha?
Nitawatafutia ama nitaanza kumash malenge na maziwa mtoto ale? Where would the mother be when I am busy mashing sijui viazi na carrots and sieving them to make them ‘yummy’…mtoto wa miezi tano anajua yummy ni nini…spare me.
And I ain’t slaying fatherhood… I just think that some roles were assigned by nature for a reason.

@Chloe transgender ni wewe haki. Hiyo medal sitaki. Kaa nayo. Pris.

What happened to exclusive breastfeeding for upto 6months??


I did that .But it means you have to be on 6months leave from your workplace or business…this lil ones consume more as they grow and the titties become a 24 hour nakumatt .

@Yollo kuja ujibu hii…hehehe

24 hr nakumatt. …hehe…

@Eng’iti junior is hitting his 6th moon this coming week. Am not keenly following sababu niliwasafirisha wakakae home na mama kisii, abaki kuchora notes mpaka siku nasema warudi.

There’s a reason mzungu alitengeza hii,ku[ATTACH=full]112392[/ATTACH] saidia watu kama sisi whose breatmilk supply reduces or is non existent

Jolly good.


Sasa wewe Mogaka unaangusha waksii. How can you push your responsibility to your mum? Kaa na shinda zako kwako. It isn’t right!! Ever seen or heard those gals that give birth and dump their kids to their cucus?

isnt it good to be at home with mother inlaw?

i have made all their conditions palatable for them. Very much comfortable.

Ndo avute nyasore in peace… That am sure of

:D:D:D men…

That notwithstanding, she isn’t comfy there as you think. It’s just that she has to be there to please you. I repeat ~ bibi ni wako sio Wa Mamako.

wale wanaume wanapeana advice fungeni leso. @It’s Le Scumbag umedinya point, wanaume waache umama.

Is this a trick question? :D:D:D:D