PARENTS -KIDS have swamped my house

My son is 4 years and he brings in lots of kids in the house to play. It’s getting in my nerves.Not that I don’t love kids but being on leave,I need peace of mind. Damnn men.I don’t know how to kick them out permanently

Hapa labda ufuge mbweha uifunge hapo nje ya mlango:D

Neighborhood kids are a liability… wacha mmoja aumie kwako or start a rumor… you boned

I wrongly thought you had the S.S. at your beck and call.

Hauna compound ama unaishi lavish apartment?

Unafanya nini kwa nyumba? Uko leave? Chukua shati mbili na trouser uelekee.


You cant split the gang. 10 years from now, you will have a bigger problem. Groups of girls will start coming.

Venye @thesavage amekuambia, uko leave na bado uza zero graze kwa ploti fighting for space and “peace of mind” with minors

Having a kid/kids is a liability to begin with…

Enda ukalewe during curfew hours,si you got pass for an essential resource.

I told my high school brother I don’t want to see them. I also changed the wifi password. 7 am maze jamaa zishafika like 5 of them in all sexes and will stay till 9 pm. I have alcohol in my house sitaki kesi.

I’m just taking a break bwana. No akoho for the next 1 year sasa.

Himmler mzima anashinda na watoi


:D:D High school you are toast. See? Now you cant just leave. They will turn the house in to an orgy parlour. Wifi ni porn tu wanawatch.

I like the idea, but for how long.I need a permanent solution. Will I be going for vacation next one month, I can’t even catch a Netflix! Vihe vina kimbia kila mahali!

Let the kids enjoy things.

If your son is a boy magnet, you let him be. Boys at that age are better. In a few years when he gets properly inculcated into the gaming culture, utaamka siku moja saa tatu asubuhi with a start to the sound of a boy yelling at the top of his lungs as if the apocalypse is upon him. Kuja kuona ni car race tu, ama ni fifa, ama wanapigana injustice na anauliwa.

Wako games actually, play station! Nigglets are screaming and running all over! !anyway I think let me take a shower and jump ship

Throw them in a gas chamber.

Kwani waliingia 5:30 kwako