Parents have problems

You spare nothing to raise your kids then they end up doing this. Humiliating you in front of your friends and family. Being a parent is hard.

Mambo ni matatu.Mind your business


I was minding my own business, nikaletewa matako hadi kwa rununu.

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Her body, her choice. It’s the 21st century and women’s sexual liberation is here with us after all. She has the right to sample a wide range of trends be it fashion, sex, partners, etc before settling on what works best for her.

Funny thing is kuna madame kadhaa sampuli ya Shakila who end up in the most stable marriages with great kids and loyal husbands despite their sexually adventurous pasts. Maisha haina formula.


Shakilla ako tu sawa. She is a harlot who knows her purpose on earth and doesn’t shy to let everyone know

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No words for this one. I doubt she even knows what’s stirring her up

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Who told you parents are without blemish labda baba ni @cortedivoire.


iko edible…
Tamu sana


Those parents who are very strict get it worse. Like the ones who are very religious, spend all weekend in church with their kids. The moment those kids turn 18 and leave the house to college, it’s like a doosh was released. 50% are highly promiscuous and or drunk.

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Raising a daughter is harder. C cc @poyoloko