Parents and elder brothers and sisters kujeni.


Na si unapenda salamu

alsha-babe battalion

Muelewe tu. Yeye ni mluya

Niaje Kunguru wa ktalk?

Introduce him to tagged, tinder and the like. Ama Ktalk juu hapa atajua chuom za kuosha rungu.

Ndikwenda Fangi

there is a day the ALWAYS ad was running and asked my little one, “What is that”? …I was told “ni pumper za Mum”.

10 year old boys are men.

He is approaching adolescence, and if you don’t answer his questions, be sure that someone else will.

Am sure the he has a phone…Take It Away as soon as yesterday… :(:(:(:frowning:

:Dkungojea nakuo…

Hii ni ile test sample ya pussy alkebab hufikiri watapata mawingulni little do they know clouds are just made of water vapour

To prevent what? Would you attempt to dam the River Nile?

He once asked me about them too… Nilimwambia ni vitu za madem

Mimi naona tu uhame kwenyu you are an adult now. Enda kwa mwenye hukutoa cobwebs muanze maisha then worry about your own kids.

Who asked you bitch??

I must have touched a nerve there.

Just tell him about dfhkm and really pique his interests.

:D:D:D…Watu waolewe …ama namna gani my Friend