Parents and elder brothers and sisters kujeni.

My little brother who’s 10years old has been asking questions and making comments here and there…
Now, I started paying attention when he changed the channel when the song ‘short and sweet’ was playing…

Bro: Gee mbona unaskiza tabia mbaya???
I was curious and so I asked him, ‘tabia mbaya iko wapi hapo??’
Bro: kwani huskii?? Hapo ulipo kamata nafeel so sweet.
Gee: kwani ni wapi anakamatwa??
Bro: pointed to his crotch

Honestly I was shocked and lost for words
Second scenario. While the advert ya condom was playing. He asked what they were for… Second time I was caught off guard.

Third scenario. Yesterday… He asked, if having sex as adults is a sin juu having it as kids is wrong.

Question. How do you answer such questions to minors in a way that they can understand??

Dryspell is hitting your bro hard. Only getting laid will calm his inquisitive mind.


next atakuuliza mbona wewe uko na matako kubwa ilhali wengine hawana

You are an idiot…

Ati nini? :smiley:
Huyo anakupima. Most likely ashapita na hse hlp. Usijali. Those are the early stages of a fisi in the making. Piga raundi urudi nxt year na update. Atakuwa unakupima na za, “threesome ni nini?”

Its hard i tell you, wangu huniambia nimnunulie kiss condoms za chocolate na strawberry whenever that ad pops akiiona tena she goes " daddy ulinidanganya utaninunulia hizi tamuu na hujawai ni buyia"

Hehe noma sana, my nephew pointed at my pronounced adams apple the other day and asked me nini imefanya itokee na baba yake hana. ningemwambia nini. He then took a spoon and asked me kama anaweza itoa

huyo mtoto already adip mti kwa tuschana twa estate, mtombi hodari in the making

follow him closely uone friends zake ni akina nani and what they do


Lakini why are kids so curious…?? I’ll never forget when my boobs started popping and my little sister went to tell my dad… I’ll never forget her words, ‘daddy, Gee ameanza kumea matiti’… I’ve never been embarrassed all my life.

He was talking about some girl often… One day I asked if she was his girlfriend… I’m glad he’s open to me and I don’t want to ruin it

make it simple like
hapo kwa short n sweet ungesema is more of spiritual than physical anakamata heart ndiyo unafeel sweet.(sijui song yote)
kwa condoms its a device used by couples so that they dont get babies,like we use umbrellas so that we dont get wet
sex is for married couples only …emphasize the word married

make it simple without being vulgar,ukilemewa sana mwambie aulize mum ama dad :D:D

Anawaulizanga… Alafu baadae naskia, ambia Gee akuelezee. Masaibu!

wait until he discovers google can answer his questions with full illustrations

Apa hakuna kuepeka…puberty is a bitch tell him the truth otherwise he is going to find it from somewhere.

From google…
The onset of puberty varies among individuals. Puberty usually occurs in girls between the ages of 10 and 14, while in boys it generally occurs later, between the ages of 12 and16. In some African-American girls, puberty begins earlier, at about age 9, meaning that puberty occurs from ages 9 to 14.


ATIII kumea nini??? Oh how dady knew trouble was knocking, HERE COMES TROUBLE, HERE COMES THE DANGER, and ur fisi classmates smoked ndap akota to the development in celebration

Mfungulie handle huku uone akifungua roho. Suspect at pre unit alikuwa anashika tudem mapaja. At this era of technology sure he knows more.

This must be sketched.

shait mekanika tusisumbuane mwaka mpya