Parawanja la Pakistanis

Yaani these bonobos would be stuck in Kanairo halafu waanze kuleta unnecessary competition for almost everything because that’s how nature work. Itabidi Kenyan bonobos wakuwe xenophobic wademand these cow dung eaters and terrorists to be deported asap in a KQ cargo plane asap!!!


Yall are fucking with the biggest buyer of your tea. Watajam kubuy hio Chai na mtaimwaga chini. Endeleeni. Uhuru amefanya kazi bwana.


[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]you are a young, able bbodied person. You should be the first one to lead by example. Since you know what to do : go be xenophobic and demand they be deported ASAP. Not on a blog. In real life. Si you know where they are holed up! [/SIZE]

Dude’s in Bidenstan but is ever so committed to bashing KE, you’d think that’s what he signed up on this platform for.