parastatal jobs

can someone get a job in a parastatal without knowing mtu huko ndani. is it all about being connected?

now days the right question should be can u get any job without connections not just the parastatals meanwhile keti huko Ni usiku elders wanadiscus important issues

maswali ya mogoka time

Try your luck. You never know

Are your real names JK

There is still some hope. My guy began with internship and now employed by the ministry.

Ndio na tuko on the bench

Private sector if your skills are in demand kazi utapata bila kujuana, shida huwa entry level, since you are competing with 1,000s who have exactly the same qualifications

You should know people


Know someone or walk to the HR office na 500k +…You’ll be on a desk the following day

It’s exceedingly rare to get those plum jobs without knowing someone. The ones who are employed make sure they fix their sons and daughters before retiring. You should still try, why not?

Uli-kereketwa? Asking for Bingwa

500 K? Maybe hiyo ndiyo itakuwa 3 quarters ya annual salary.

Bingwa ni nani?

keep in mind hio ni one off payment.
Na also unaeza angukia madeal ama hata ka project ka ufala ujilipe allowances (untaxed monies) na job yako kwa hio project ni ku upload ma excel worksheets
performance allowance
target allowance
airtime allowance
internet allowance etc

Alafu hio portal ya ku upload ma excel uliunda na shadow company ukajilipa 10million

Where will a jobless person get all that money. Wengine wanafanya kazi and it took them a long time to save 500k. Alafu upeabe na iende hivyo.

kumbe sijapiga hesabu za ma jobless yut-mans.


500k on the higher side. With 300-400k job unapata job NSSF, entry salary 90k-130k depending na department uko. In 3 months pesa yako imerudi, 4 month ni taxes, 5 month ni pure profit. Kuna beste yangu instead ya kuanza biz na his last coins he did this way. Job PP