Parasitic Owners of Capital considering "OTHER OPTIONS."


It’s 3 in the morning Mr PanAfrican

Bonds to African countries are always considered high risk. That is why they have yield of 4% and above when bond yields in Europe are 0/5% and actually [SIZE=6]negative in France [/SIZE][SIZE=4]They are called high yield high risk for a reward.[/SIZE][SIZE=6] Trying to use sanctions over an purely investment issue is nonsensical and unnecessary. Everybody fail to pay debt sometimes [ATTACH=full]334685[/ATTACH][/SIZE]

Sijasoma. What’s it about?

It’s nothing. Zambia borrowed money using Eurobonds. But their economy is trash so they can’t pay. But they failed to engage the Eurobond committee. So that letter is the committee laying it’s frustration. In reality, there’s nothing they can do. It’s part of the risk/reward of bonds. Zambia will default because they have no option and life will move on.