Parasitic Capitalists

NCBA Bank, owned by the parasitic dynasty of the Burning Spear, has disbursed 430 billion in M-shwari loans in 7 years, and a one-off fee of 7.5%.

io kama si kutombwa wangwana, ni nini?

Mtu afanye mahesabu, Mama Ngina Family makes a profit of 15 million daily from M-shwari alone

What’s preventing other families to start competing businesses? I don’t remember about the family you are referring to ordering anyone to borrow at gunpoint.

Fungua yako. Nini imekusimamisha? Biashara ni biashara. Willing buyer , willing seller. Stop being lazy and jealous.who held a gun against someone’s head achukuwe loan? Upuss.

How can you compete with a firm which doesn’t pay taxes, and you pay taxes? The playing field ain’t level

By doing what they are doing.

Its a bank. They take a risk of default. So their profits are not Ksh 15m daily. Plus they have to source the money they loan out from somewhere. Expenses comes with that.

  1. Personally, my ancestors didn’t grab thousands of acres at independence
  2. If the prince hadn’t run the economy into the ground we wouldn’t need loans just to survive

This guy has turned a business environment into a political one.

Capitalism is a contraversial economics model and to make it works law should be implemented to all people on equal terms. I mean not only people, but also companies. If one company pays taxes and another doesn’t, than it is in bad position and cannot compete. That’s from one point. But from another, company that pays taxes may has other benefits. I’m talking about credits or governmental loans. But basically, if there is corruption, there is unequal terms and that turns a lot of companies to operate within shadow economy (