Paranoid Tanzania trying to shaft rest of EAC. Dodges deal signing, exposes Kenya to EU taxes

Kenya may pay between five and 22 per cent taxes on its exports to Europe after Tanzania failed to show up yesterday for the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.

This is the second time Tanzania has jeopardised the deal, after 2014, which would give the East African Community duty free and quota-free market access to the EU.

Kenya,Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda turned up yesterday and had hoped Tanzania would too.

In 2014, Kenya was placed under the General System Preference trade regime for three months – the private sector made Sh600 million per month – before successfully lobbying to be reinstated to duty free status.

About 87 per cent of Kenya’s exports – in agriculture and manufacturing industries – to the EU valued at Sh98 billion were affected, according to the Foreign Affairs ministry.

Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed said Kenya will continue to engage other EAC member states to find a solution on the deal.

“It can’t be signed now because we have not all agreed, but we are hoping that we can do it in the near future. We have two more weeks until August 4. We are engaging with everyone to make sure that all of us agree at the same time,” she said.

The ratification deadline by the European Commission is October 1.


Tanzania Foreign Affairs PS Aziz Mlima two weeks ago said his government will not sign the deal as it needs to monitor the British exit from the EU.

UNCTAD secretary general Mukhisa Kituyi said the failure to sign the deal “has no implications to the conference”.

“East Africa did not come together because of an economic partnership agreement with Europe. Growing a partnership with Europe is a secondary matter,” he said and called for regional integration.

i dont know the rest of EAC keeps booty-licking TZ to join EAC, its an open secret that TZ has always felt more at home in SADC

When shining eyes go to Tz to embarass our country what do u expect?

Tanzania is too south to feel east and too east to be in south

identity crisis

If they didn’t show up the first time, how could we trust them to show up the second time.

Do they already have a EU deal under SADC ?

Atwara from Homabay is a shining eye kuka?

The question our technocrats should be asking them selves is whether TZ wants/prefers to be in EAC or SADC and whether it makes economic sense to put everything on hold as they wait for TZ to make up their minds

They are better of in EAC than SADC, which favors South Africa mostly.

Bongo Lala Did not come out of the blue, Tanzania need you to slow to crawling pace

They have always favoured any other nationality except Kenya. Kenya firm opens a branch in Tz and the rules are harsh, limit no. of Kenyan’s that you can bring along to work in the firm. A S.A, Indian, Chinese company doing the same is accorded more preferential treatment of staff.

Back on topic, whats annoying about Tz is the sudden unexplained complete turnaround on issues. If they had reservations for Christ sake, put it in the table months or years ago instead of the last day. Is it that their collective minds of being too lazy or they just never honest with issues from the start. This thing has been in the negotiations for years and we are just wasting time. My take let the willing countries sign and move on. Tanzania can’t drag everyone back to their snail pace.

Why should we have them in EAC? IF all deals made within eac they don’t agree with, they should quit!

We need to have a government presentative to explain why they don’t kick tz out of Eac. Of course they will say that our diplomatic relations will be at crossroads but they have been shafting us from back when i discovered esir music. They should invest in witchcraft and swahili for all they love doing

Northern Tanzania benefits more from Kenya, a ready market for their bananas, maize, onions, tomatoes and potatoes.

is it possible to kick tz out of the E.A.C ?

My company just set up in Tanzania and I can attest tot he fact that these guys are just paranoid when dealing with Kenyans.We are having one hell of an experience even connecting and partnering with companies that seem to be so international/regional as TIGO

sad but funny AF

Uko na umama sana kwani every thief ni msapere?
Pana tambua umeffi kikuyus will always be Kikuyus take that to the bank.

It is not possible, we’re just too big politically, economically and socially to be kicked out of the EAC. By abstaining from signing the deal, we’ve just saved the rest of the fellow LDC countries in EAC.