Parallels in History Kenya & World

2020_2021 : Uhuru With Raila Handshake and 6 other opposition leaders meet 2.0: DP Ruto Ends in Opposition.
2001-2002:. Kanu court NDP for merger; Handshake 1.0; Uhuru Ends in opposition.(Economic Growth for 10yrs)
1991-1992 : FORD is formed by 6 opposition leaders.0.0 VP Kibaki ends in opposition.(Economic depression for 10yrs)
1960- 1962 : State of Emergency ends, Kanu is formed and Jomo released from House arrest and Elected president of KANU.(VP Odinga Ends in Opposition) Economic Growth for 10yrs.

History parallel events perhaps alot more lies in studying patterns of the past to determine the future.

100yrs ago
Spanish Flu 1918-1920
Covid-19 : 2019 -to date.
The future is set by pattern of the past.

There is nothing new under the son…

whoever wins the presidency, we headed towards a serious economic ready!

Whatever the case.We need to reduce high risk personal loans and Focus on savings and assets.Interest rates will shoot to the roof.
Currency collapse shall follow 2027-2030 shall exclipse the 1927-1930s economic depression.

Your “nation” is not really yours until you claim full ownership.
Does not matter how much you make, if you unfortunate enough and get that bug, you have -5k highly trained nurses (that have been promised to foreign land) to nurse you.
Ama mtasukumwa na huru barrow huko UK mpate maribabu?
Hii elimu ya Kenya ni meffi