Parallel Mashujaa Day Rally


He…he…as usual opposition is bankrupt of any idea. copy and paste ndio yao.


Yenyewe hii sasa ni upus.

Wewe MM una joke na Sisi.


Hawa used cordoms si wanasumbua

Sadness of life! No sense of patriotism whatsoever .

Quite uncalled for in my opinion. It is a national event that should not be poisoned by bad politics.

ya rwanio ikuaga na rwanio ! Alternative government indeed. Bure kabisa. Na ile matusi ingine ya Raisi Kibaki.

They can have whatever ! Wajenge ata parallel state house dolts .don’t even know the role of opposition

At tycoonews we don’t joke

si mulikuwa munaulizia shadow cabinet juzi. itazinduliwa hio siku

Hehehehe, Hehehehe, Hehehehe, Hehehehe.

Stupid and selfish cordmites

There’s political competition and then there’s stupid competition for the sake of it.
National days are set out clearly in the constitution. By desecrating them, Cord is rubbishing the same constitution they will expect everyone abide with if they are in power. Can you imagine Trump with all his eccentricities holding a parallel event on the fourth of July? It can never happen.

Hiyo state house iko, Riat Hills lakini Kalasinga aliiacha bila tiles na vyoo JaKuon alippshindwa.

Prediction: ka-Wiper katadodge.

They have no scruples , a sacrilege indeed!