Parachutes are so last year

Just saw it on Aljazeera. Crazy stuff

Totally crazy. This is the definition of having balls of steel

Hapa …you need to put ur heart kwa ur socks …man of steel

the old dude have achieved most of the thresholds standards so a little scare devil is okay.

Are you writing English?

Mbona alikuwa na helmet, akihata helmet haitamsaidia, huyu ni mwenda wazimu. What’s the minimum altitude you need to deploy your parachute ama hutasaidika?


Wah…massive respect for that jump… I would also lovw to try sky diving but with a parachute of course.


Hio impact alichapa nayo kichwa kwa hio neti needed a helmet. Hio net sio mosquito net mseh

Jeeeeez. That nuts. Crazy nuts

upepo ingempuliza tu kiasi …

No! writing a comment.

So they jumped from 25,000 feet and removed their oxygen masks at 18,000 feet (same altitude as Mt. Kenya). At 17,000 feet, they were
doing over 240km/h? By 15,000 feet they are descending so rapidly that they leave contrails above them. The Parachutes are deployed at 5,000 feet while
the other free falling human hits the net at around 400km/h. Okay!

I am reminded of Baumgartner