Parable of the Wheat and the Tares: Compromised Gospel Ministry

A great compromise is coming to the Gospel industry.Especially in this country Kenya. Look around and you can already see some international artists strategically positioning themselves in Kenya and showing support for the gospel fraternity. Most are sellouts. Many people will be swept by the wave just the way Maverick City, Elevation Music, Bethel Music and Hillsong are deceiving the masses.

Sons of Abraham (Believers) cannot receive nominations and awards from Babylon (secular events).Babylon is too crafty to be won over by Gospel music. The job is not yet done.Only Jesus knows the mission and only he can give true awards to believers.

Compromise is compromise. Do not be deceived.You cannot love God and the love the World.

Red Flags

  1. Check the lyrics of the songs and verify if they are theologically correct. Do the lyrics conform to Scriptures and nature of God ?
  2. Check the artists. You will know them by their fruits.Consistency is key. Look out for christian values, conformity and yielding to the Holy Spirit, deliberate and intentional endeavor to separate from sin and all its effects, what/who they support and what they identify with and check if it conforms to the commands of Jesus Christ.
  3. Lookout for association with non believers in a manner that is not to win them over to Christ but rather showing similarity and promotion of evil values. Bad company corrupts good morals. Birds of a feather flock together.
  4. If the musicians are convicted of sin, check if they repent or if they become defensive and “emotionalize” the situation. If anyone refuses to accept, seek forgiveness and repent of open sin that everybody else can see…that is a red flag.

Do not be misled. Beware church of Christ.