Panspermia vs Abiogenesis

Which is more likely to have occurred, life was created elsewhere in the universe and then planted on Earth by an asteroid, or it was formed on Earth 500 Million yrs after the Earth was formed?

I vote for panspermia (deposited by asteroids) juu it doesn’t make sense that some random chemical reaction capable of forming life happened that fast. Anyway , i’d love to hear your educated opinions.

Either way, @uwesmake was conceived anally and brought to the world after a failed abortion.


We were brought to earth and genetically reengineered in a Laboratory that religious fools call Aden and the experiment they call it creation.

The female species were made from bone marrow obtained from the males that is where the Bible talks about putting Adam to deep sleep and removing his rib.

who told you this?

the first part is plausible, the last part is gibberish.

Previously on shit that didn’t happen

i believe in ID “intelligent design”,
life on earth is so complex that it cannot be explained merely by the scientific theory of evolution.
God designed the earth and created mankind

Have you considered early life made of simple cells which can be mimicked by scientists in a lab?
Next question, why would an intelligent designer need billions of years for his “intelligent life” to evolve?

  • An intelligent designer is not compelled to be bound by what he creates , Time is of no relevance at all to God because he is the creator of time, he’s not bound by the constraints thereof.

  • Evolution is a myth , never happened that’s why the call it the "Theory “of evolution (stuff man conjures in his mind)”

_ what you’re calling early life still exist naturally to this very day (simple single cell organisms) - don’t know how that is if evolution is real

I believe in evolution.
The next step is all technology that we are just witnessing in its earliest state. It will be so advanced exponentially that our species won’t be capable of keeping track and humans will opt for machine replacement of their biological bodies due to durability over time (age and all), and the strength and efficiency leading to many humans embracing being cyborgs… these sci-fi movies could be modern day prophecies, akina Alita.
some humans will embrace nature and stick to traditions like religion and community and refuce to embrace Technology.
thousands of years later we have poeple living hundreds of years a lifetime moving freely through planets and space but humans will still be on earth doing the same old cycle of building and fall of empires and the Elites, gods, cyborgs will watch it like a gamepark.

The earth and it’s occupants were all created by God

More theories not FACTS. Then why did it stop happening? Why aren’t asteroids bringing more “life” to earth?

If you were smart, as Africans you should invent your own theories and naming styles. Badala ya ambiogensis sema Khumundugensis. Don’t just regurgitate what your agemates are theorising at Harvard or Oxford.

Unafaa uingie na PhD yako pale UoN and you start vomiting your own lies and propaganda. Wazungu wakizikataa unalia racism.

Wewe shinda hapo. The ship left that harbour ages ago

Makes sense, joined an occultic fb group and their posts were incredible