Panic Shopping

Just popped into Naivas Westlands and the queues are crazy , on the shelves hakuna bread ,maziwa ,beef and other basic commodities.Trolley and shopping baskets are all in use .Nimetoka tu since all I needed was whole meal bread na hakuna and even if ingekuwa I am sure I would have queued for half an hour.

How can we help?

I don’t help to buy bread ,I have bought elsewhere.Thank you.
Point is a number of people seem to be of the thought that there will be unrest.

pia my kalocal had no bread and the queues !!!

Thank you. I hope you also panic-shopped. Otherwise utakula makaa ama ukunywe jik.

You’re not alone. Guys have cleared anything baked and milk from the shelves i too walked out empty handed

Huku gichagi ni biz kama kawaida back in 2007 when violence broke out we had surplus milk since the market was inaccessible

Nunua radio iko na adabu gathee

Nilifanya shopping Kama kawaida which I always do every month.Panic shopping nimeachia wengine.

What meanest thou? Yangu huwanga Gukena FM 24/7

Si tulisema you guys stock up mapema mapema…sasa ona

i was at two rivers. every person had trolleys. i reduced my shopping to 10 items and went to the express counter to avoid the que.

Ongea na @The.Black.Templar akuonyeshe mahali ngumu ziko

Akuje inbox

I finished all my shopping on Saturday. Kujipanga my fren…:slight_smile:

line ziko kwa supa unaeza dhani ni apolcalypse inaanza kesho

I for saw this. Kenyans and last minute things. Should have gone shopping on Saturday ama Jana

Kuna ngumuu,KDF etc try that !

@The.Black.Templar I have stopped at Quick matt for favourite ngumus and there ain’t any.

Waart aah the horror!