Pangaea: the mystery behind the ancient world

How far back did this world of a single continent exist? Did our species live during the existence of this world? Who drew these maps and were they based on scientific facts or mere imagination?

Why do scientists believe in certain theories like they are gospel truth yet there is like no valid evidence to prove so??

There is evidence Mdau.
The continent are like like separated parts of a jigsaw puzzle.

Before the modern post 1700 scientists and researchers came up with detailed theories about an ancient single continent, there were such maps showing the world as one landmass.

it is called a theory for a reason

You are literally describing theists not scientists.

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Ni common sense. Edges za continents zinakaa za jigsaw. The continents must have been a one big continent.

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Could be very true, You know several true stories have been put away from the masses. Look at it twice. It is true

The more recent satellite pictures show ridges where the land split into different plates. especially in the sea between americas and africa its obvious about where africa had been. The other thing is that they still move a few inches a year in predictable directions. Sometimes the moving plates encounter obstacles and build up tension which they release in violent events. during the japanese 2011 earthquake, the pacific oceanic plate moved about 27 metres under the asian plate. japan was flung further out into the pacific sea.[ATTACH=full]404048[/ATTACH]

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Its the polarization of things imagined,science and religion,one has rocks and bones the other has a 2500 year old book as evidence