Pandora Hoax......... Brookside - Sales - Turnover.

Ati brookside had a 15B sales in 2014. (from BusinessDaily)

Uhuru will say the 3B is profit reinvested in foreign bonds.

Hii Pandora ni maanjam tu. Bure kabisaaa.

Kwani hii campuni ikona pesa aje?


NCBA also made a net profit of 4.5B last year and has been making such profits for many years. Hii pandora box yote ni makelele ya chura.

Brookside is the only company in Kenya competing with Safaricom in terms of profit margins. Currently making over 200 Billion annually in profits.

Biachara ya maziwa ikona pesa.Uhuru atoke monopoly iishe

200b sales or profit.

I saw the conglomerate of kenyatta family business has 100b as turnover annually.


Enyewe vidole hazitoshani

I’m talking about the profit, not sales. The money they make is insane, privacy withheld.

200b profit is a steep to high. Kwani sales zao ni?

Kuna mtu alitaja osha osha mahali

When he was finance minister and was accused of stealing 9 billion. He stated he was not running short of money since his companies made 1 million or 10 million per hour 24/7.

am not buying it , Brookside is a money laundering front

Hehe. You must be so dumb. If your social circle is this dumb, we are doomed as a country. Enough Ktalk for today

When you are a monopoly how much cant you make? Brookside has bought out almost all milk processing companies in Kenya, they have a choke hold on buying prices from farmers. They want to outlaw sales of raw milk sold by vendors. Supplying an entire country a basic commodity like milch sio mchezo kijana. The only thing is that they are killing dairy farmers. At 30 Bob a liter, it’s bad for small scale farmers.

Unye family has better business development department than even safcom. They wanna supply EU with beef. Of course using SGR aka state property that appears to be a white elephant. They’re going into micro lending using huduma center. State capture. In the next 20,these guys can easily have controlling stake in just about any industry they want but they are strategic. They want maximum returns ventures.

I can believe that. The Kenyatta corruption has been to strengthen this conglomerate beyond imagination. Hapana kuiba tu mali ya umma kama chokoch hapa. They’ve been using the presidency to force all manner of laws and business dealings in their favor

Add to the fact they are in on the PPP that will operate the express way for 27 yrs . This family is filthy rich. Ruto envies them, he wants to be at par with them financially but sioni akiwafikia in his lifetime.


These are insane profits

Pamoja na biashara kama hivi,bado nina wasiwasi hizi faida ni too much watakua wanapitisha pesa kavu kavu humo ndani

Milk industry sio rahisi kiivyo,na faida zake sio insane namna hii,kuna pahala humo ndani ni conduit ya kupitisha hela kama hela…

Walikozitoa akina Itumbi ndio wanajua

Na Ruto is even worse,sidhani kama kuna afadhali!

Can’t be $ 2B son. Hata EABL na hii ulevi yote haifiki nusu ya hio…hata safaricom na wizi yao hawajafika hapo

If they’re killing dairy farmers, why is milk production rising in Kenya. Do you believe in reality, a company would kill off the primary source of raw materials? Acha wivu