By a fluke of nature we have two active storms. Both about 10 degrees to the north and south of the equator. If you draw a line from north east from the northern storm and South East from the southern storm. Both these line land squarely on the Kenyan heartland. Kenya is dissected by the equator in two equal parts.

These two storms systems are acting like a conveyor belts. The storm system have been stagnant changing position very slowly. They have acted to bring torrential rains in the kenyan heartland. These rains that they will bring will be higher than Elnino of 1997-1998. In the history of Kenya we have never had two active tropical systems that are stationary pumping low pressure jets packed with moisture in the way they are doing currently.

We expect these systems to pump as 2000mm of rains in some extreme windward locations in a space of two weeks. These rains will break all records.

give us a link tujisomeeā€¦itabidi niende kitale nipande mahindi hii december

@sani hawezi kupatia link banaa , never.

There are 3 systems not 2 as at 0900EAT today from NASA weather satellite pictures

Mliomba mvua from April. Be Thankful.