Pandeism is the way to go

I feel that pandeism is what religion has been trying to explain but has instead been moving circles around on.
The idea that God is a superimposing heavenly being that is able of disrupting and intervening on earthly affairs is under question more than ever with the covid19 pandemic, where everyone is praying for an intervention but instead success is proven through obedience to rules, testing and a (upcoming) vaccine. Mind you, this is not the only suffering that man has been facting, name them all. Colonialism, 911, World Wars, Holocaust, Spanish Flu, etc has not been intervened by God despite all our prayers waiting for an act of God.
What does this mean? Have people been getting it wrong?
I feel so.

God, gods don’t interfere with the affairs of Man. We’re alone.

That’s the paradox that many people are facing but they don’t know it. They say it’s better to pray for an act from God, even other religions have gone ahead to have ‘intercessors’ to God.
What’s the point of praying for an intervention when we know that God won’t act? Why then pray to God if we know nothing will come?

@Purple tupe maoni

Why should God Intervene on lies and deceit perpetrated by a few individuals who are after monetary profit and enslavement of human kind ?
He gave you a brain to see through such bull but many are opting to look away no matter how clear the evidence is that shows the whole thing is a scum

Now, here’s what am totally for pandeism and against a separation of God and the world, also called deism.
Pandeism has been described as God having become one with the universe and is not separate from it, thus solving the lifelong questions and sufferings of many over why we feel neglected.

You don’t think he exists hah… You are safe and haven’t been affected by the disease yet other people’s problems are making you question Him? You don’t know if they are sinners or not… Be happy you are alive and thank God
Judge only yourself not others for God’s work

Pandeism has also held that man is solely responsible for his actions, both good and evil lies within the confines of man

God exists, he surely does.
But not exactly as you and many other people think.

And you are actually ‘sinning’ by judging people as ‘sinners’ or not.

In all pandemic times, god mysteriously vanishes. You should question your beliefs.

What i meant is that you don’t know the reasons why random people are dying . i don’t mean sinners are the ones that are dying…

Many people are not willing to come to terms with this reality.
I have always insisted that the majority of people seeking solace especially in christianity and islam are afraid of two things. They are afraid of death and they are afraid to confront their sufferings.

Coz it’s a figment of people’s imagination.

All major pandemics and all major strifes is mankind has been done out of acts of man.
And all the happy activities and achievements in mankind has been done through man’s acts.

Have you ever asked yourself why god was so active and reactive kitambo during the christian bible times, but is currently dormant? Coz ni hekaya tu.

It’s why I’ve taken what I read there with a pinch.
Most of the stories in religion have been made to show the supernatural, that God is way above us, that he is out of question, that there is spiritual and worldly realms to things and that in the end of our lives or in the end of time we will go to be with God.
But is it really so? The uncertainty of the unknown rattles mankind. It is why when people hear that if you belong to a certain religion and do so and so you will see God. These bodies in the end burden people woth meaningless instructions and doctrines some of which border on utter stupidity.
So is there a way, did people get the aspect of God wrong?
Pandeism has given the best answers to many questions bothering man.

I ain’t afraid of death: Tupac Shakur

True. Some innocent children suffer alot coz of things that they aren’t even aware of. If god exists then he’s very unfair to the poor

How do you know that? Does man bring rain, drought and locusts?

It is very hard to understand the nature of God, form him everything came into being. In other words he is everything good and bad