Another china square

Valentine’s is afew weeks away, perfect timing. Elders mnunue dolls

Upuss.Dont be carried away by the spirit of consumerism.Nobody whows you where and how to make it.Just where to spend your little cash.Resist upuss.

wanauza samantha and pocket P? asking for @cortedivoire :blush:

Heading there now

Ziko na futhi

Ata ngwati ukitaka iko, ikutekenye vilivyo

Went to pandamart, looks like korean owned. Place was crowded…i was surprised kenyans have money at this time of January…goods were flying off shelves…if restocking isnt done quickly then you will get empty shelves next week. I was mostly interested in gym equipment and furniture… fairly priced and good quality but in true kenyan style i only ended up buying toys for my son kwa sababu mfuko imekauka bado
And dont go with your wives and girlfriends…plenty of pretty women in there and all too chatty…got three contacts zenye nitashughulikia next month…Kenyan women are finally starting to loosen up a bit.
Time ya kulipa ndio ngori, the queue was 500m long yet the place is only served by 9 cashiers.Took 30mins to get served.
And finally, Garden city has life…pandmart has brought in proper traffic…activities will increase once they finish renovating and stocking the lower floor which i believe will be for groceries.

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