Pan Africanism Nonsense


Everything is always the fault of America or China. There is no agency in this world. People can never have genuine issues that lead to conflict. It’s always America or China pulling the strings because reasons. Pathetic.

That’s how the black race has been conditioned to think

They never take responsibility for their actions, it’s always someone else

kuna kitabu nilisoma juzi that was written in 1923 by some racist mzungu and it has so many truths .Africa basically haina hope

Bring the name of the book please

I agree with you, but it’s not like America doesn’t have a wrap sheet for distabilising countries for their gain. Look at South America and the Middle East.

by the white man ama?

pan africanism is already with us… you are ignorant if you dont appreciate pan-africanism…

let me give an example of a stupid fool below , it’s a good thing most of you live overseas…

Negroes creating an ‘africa town’ majuu is impossible , let alone that …nyinyi tribali brukengehs mmeshindwa kutengeneza your own tribe towns kama ‘kikuyu town’ ,‘kalenjin town’ on a tribal level or even ‘kenya-town’ , ‘ghana town’ etc on the country level …but guess what …kuko na ‘china-town’ , ‘little italy’ , ‘little spain’ , ‘little india’ etc etc in all major countries and they build each other …in kenya huwezi ishi estate ya wahindi etc etc… yet its negroes who live like dogs , kila mtu kivyake until a problem comes up … by using this example , uhuru & other presidents wanafaa waseme all negroes arriving from majuu wapewe 100 lashes kwa airports zao wawache ujinga…

even animals create their ‘towns’ in nature but negroes wanadhani wanajua sana … bure kabisa

wake up slave negroe

When their “leaders” (read - people in public positions of power) are stealing their taxes monies. They then stash that money in offshore tax havens and Swiss bank accounts, it’s still the Americans to blame for it.

Their tax monies that are meant to build schools, hospitals, roads, provide social security safety net programs. Yet they “adore” those thieves and reelect them over and over.

This is soon to happen next year with some voting for that “billionaire chicken seller” and they will blame the Americans by diversion instead of focusing on where the real problem really lies. Bure kabisa!


People expect too much from United Slaves

you believe what a racist mzungu says about you ?? acha jokes

alafu… a thread i saw this week here said C.I.A walipatikana ethiopia… isnt that self explanatory ?

…ni nini hapo hamuelewi ?

Ukitaka kujua how stupid Africans are,go to kantafu and put up nice 3 bedroomed apartments

Rent to wazungus and wahindis only

Within no time,rent and property prices in the area will go up 50 times

All bonobos will want to live there coz Kuna wazungu

Very true

Out of curiosity elders, do you get a sense of moral superiority or intellectual orgasm when you express how the African mind is challenged?

Look at our religion, names, education system…history?

You think they will ever leave Africa to her own ideas?

Africans are their own worst enemies

Mkoloni made traditional brews illegal but we still consider those good drinks illegal.

We had medicinal herbs that worked

We now consider them stupy whereas indian,south Americans and Chinese still use their own herbs.

Can we blame muzungu for that also?

Didn’t u see recently bonobos celebrate Halloween?


Using your two examples, do you think it’s a smart idea to let people make their own alcoholic drinks and medicine?
Kama Yoghurt ndio hii inaundwa free of milk, what of the popular kanywaji and necessary medicine?

Using your two examples, do you think it’s a smart idea to let people make their own alcoholic drinks and medicine?
Kama Yoghurt ndio hii inaundwa free of milk, what of the popular kanywaji and necessary medicine?

U don’t criminalize something simply because a foreigner who grabbed your land says so

Glad am not the only one who feels disgusted by all our resident coconuts-you know black on the outside but white inside. When you think about it, there is precious little that distinguishes an African in Nairobi and a brainwashed one in Amsterdam or Chicago. White names, clothing, sports, music, movies, languages, education systems, religions, holidays, heroes etc

Yaani what is African anymore ni very little apart from our black skins. The mzungu has conquered us totally sijui what’s going to take to make us do a 180 degrees. And someone thinks ati having an African outlook is nonsense basi endelea looking up to your beberu master and his disgusting fagggot ways. Acha sisi wenye we dig Africa we keep the faith

ngai…this thread is in the gutter

unugu ni shidaa, na si kipawa:D

@Sambamba tangu jana tunangoja hii kitabu banae