Niaje unachomea afande ivo…?

That is very stupid of the person taking the video.

True you can see all the other officers are disgusted by what’s happening as they propably also sell cigarette to the prisoners. It’s such guys that you hear have been shot by their junior officers.

Amos Momanyi

It seems like the person who is interrogating him is also the one recording…

"snitches end up in ditches " am just surprised what’s wrong with the guy filming and sharing it. Prison is one place you can get rich very fast and this applies to both the inmates and the wardens.

sasa nimejua vile nitakwa naiba mali ya muhindi

@Engiti ako sawa how do you prove those were contraband goods?

Nimesema na nitasema; the average Mwafrika ako na ujinga kama nugu tuu. Can you see people above blaming the senior officer who’s doing the right thing and sympathising with Amos? Is it that most of us don’t have the ability to tell cause and effect?

Juzi juzi tulikuwa tunalalamika how yule suspect wa gavana wa Garissa (??) could be killed in the cells. Today we are condemning a good officer who is stopping contraband from reaching the same cells.

Niggas just agree - you are down like them monkeys.

Ukisikiza poa the mdosi anasema the prisoners snitched on him…either way he is screwed.

How ,hakuna exchange between him na prisoners and he admitted to be a smoker . Mali yangu hata nikificha kwa makende iko makosa?

@.004 seconds… the awkward silence while they wait for Momanyi to stash his …well…stash is punctuated by some whistling ♫♪♫♪ .:D:D

Siwezi aibishwa hivi and I have access to a gun…nawaaangusha wote…

Unasema nini nguruba?