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[SIZE=6]Two Kisumu cops slash each other with panga over Sh3,000 bribe[/SIZE]
Jul. 06, 2016, 3:00 pm
By JUSTUS OCHIENG @justusjavan
Two Kisumu police officers slashed each other with a panga in a fight over a Sh3,000 bribe from chang’aa brewers.

A source told the Star the officers from Dago police post released the brewers they had arrested on Wednesday after they were given the amount.

The source said a quarrel ensued prompting one of the policemen to cut his colleague on the head, shoulder and arm.

“It was a tough fight. The other officer also grabbed the panga and slashed the first one, inflicting serious injuries on him," he said.

He said the officers were taken to different hospitals “for fear they would go for each other’s throats at one medical facility".

oh well, Darwin Award candidates

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Hawakuwa na guns?


In that area they patrol with pangas/stones


Investigations ongoing. No stones will be left unturned


Hii kulipwa peanut ni noma sana…unataka kudinyana…wife akae poa…biz za kando…


No pangas will be left unturned is more like it.

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Those are the weapons of choice in those areas.

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This statement doesn’t make sense at all.


Where have you been slutty butty fest? Any good read? Wacha Ku lost bana

I never log in here to make sense to people like you, and a certain mzee with no direction and another kid who’s yet to find his feet.
That’s a three in one tackle.

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waliona sword fight ndio itakua more interesting

samurai cops!

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Atleast for now the chang’aa brewer is making a profit…

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Haki yetu with a short circuit.