Palestinian women look more like white women.

[SIZE=5]You know how people say that Israelis are fake sijui the original Israelis were black or dark skinned… well the same thing can be said about Palestinians! In fact if a Palestinian woman was placed infront of you and a slavic woman from Finland or Russia was placed in front of you, you wouldnt know the difference e.g the terrorist Ahed Tamimi :



(Of course to the Israeli army, Tamimi above is a stone throwing terrorist whereas to the Palestinians she is a hero.)

But point is that this young girl above is a WHITE woman. :smiley:

On the streets of Germany she would look like everyone else.

Here are a few more that I have stolen from the propaganda news site Al jazeera :

Nouran Abbasi, 20, from the village of Shefa-Amr in the Galilee Abbasi, 20, student [Showkat Shafi/Al Jazeera] Maghamsi, 21, student [Showkat Shafi/Al Jazeera]

This one looks like an Italian model :


This one is some type of pornstar abroad :


And of course in the male category you will find one of the most famous SECULAR Palestinian’s around :

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, born Khaled Khaled, was born to Palestinian parents in New Orleans, Louisiana on 1975-11-26.

DJ Khaled is more like a Jewish music producer than anything else. All about the money.

A few videos of ordinary Palestinians :

Sasa unataka aje?

Ni maoni nimeona nitoe.

mkamue mkia atulie

Ni nani alikuuliza?

[SIZE=5]Hamas child. Blue eyes blonde hair :[/SIZE]

Mecho ime ng’ara kabsa. @patco tuonyeshe na vienyeji latino mexican immigrants.


Buttco niaje

These are just the remnants of the remaining Europeans who went there during the Crusades in the early 2nd millenium and maybe even the Romans lakini that might be too farfetched

Bingwa unasumbua

Palestinians are basically arabs

The Romans, British, and Russians all left their seed there. You can also find European looking Chinese in Northern China where some Roman soldiers left their seed.

Watafute youtube ama uende huko holiday uwaone. There is nothing like ati Arab features, hawa ni wazungu.

Today the U.S govt classifies U.S Arabs as white :

Richard the lionheart was in the 12 year siege of Jerusalem.

All other races (Latinos, Arabs, Asians) have white passing people except Black African Bonobos :D. Mwenye alituroga alikufa kitambo aki. Negros huwa tunapitia hii dunia sana:D.

What about indians

Azin namaanisha all those races have white passing people but hakuna Negro mwenye ni white passing hata awe lightskin aje. Also Indians are Asians

Palestinians are Dirty swines

So its a matter of race not colour…Enyewe waafrika tumelengwa sana. But on a positive note, Kama
muafrica angeumbwa na ngozi ya kizungu ingekuwa ngumu sana kustahimili the african environment. Kila kitu na sababu yake.