Palestina sympathizers are disturbing Uncle Sam


“Long live the
Intifada! Intifada! Intifada!”

Thousands are out here
from hundreds of different cities and organizations in Washington DC to
participate in the Free Palestine March.

Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) November
4, 2023


Would the authorities in Westbank and Gaza tolerate Pro-Israeli or Pro-Yues demonstrations?

Wakishamaliza FBI would start picking them one by one like the J6 fools. US is the worst country to have a criminal record. It greatly hinders your growth.


Just like most of the guys who led the insurrection, hunted down kisiri Siri, walifungwa na kesi zikawekwa bladder to be reviewed in 16years…16 years behind cold solid bars juu ya nonsense kama intifadah. Not even the media gave them the attention. I would like to see what strategies they’ll use to identify and catch them though, that’s what intrigues me

The fucking Jews have exhausted the victim card. Next they should be roughened out and gased out for their greed.


AI facial recognition algorithms have come a long way, feds huko Yues wanatumianga Clearview AI kutafuta persons of interest.

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Have you ever seen a jew ama ni makelele tu Mungich?:rofl:

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Ghasia wewe najua Ile ndege umeona ni Kuku ama bong’au.

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IP addresses, triangulation, Street cameras, facial recognition, asking people to snitch on them, legal requests to companies like Twitter and Facebook and so many methods.

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