Pale Sath Africa, Blacks Walinyimwa Akili, No Matter Country Or Continent

From Chicongo to Nakuru, from Pretoria to Melbourne. Negroes ni wale wale.

Sasa tazama huyu fala.



Given a chance, even the most civilised humans will do the same. Did you forget some few years back England experienced the same

At lease wanaiba vitu za maana sio pombe na Sprite.

looting booze is a basic human urge irregardless of race.


:D:Dtalk about putting a foot inside someone’s mouth

Ndindu the Bonobo-in-Chief should never be taken seriously. His mental disorder is beyond us.

Ndindu the bonobo don’t you know these are the effects of institutionalised apartheid

Ndindu ni Z- grade bonobo



[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]@Akon City =@buttco = @T.Vercetti = @WIGSPLITTA = @cheekbasta

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]IP & DNA forensics can now confirm

They are looting businesses which offer jobs to them since they are uneducated and have zero skills…bonobos doing what they are good at

ndindu the bonobo! :smiley:

Single digit IQ bonobo nitakuambia mara ngapi mimi sio huyo Seattle homosexual @buttco

Ndindu hating on blacks don’t make you white. Looting is universal.

I don’t hate negroes nor do I love whitie. Mimi ni Negro just like them. I take no sides. I bash anyone from any race. Mbwa wewe

What COVID taught me is races are all the same ! The bigger a crowd gets the less brains they have ! white Americans stormed the capital, there were riots and looting in Netherlands etc etc…

[SIZE=1]But kuna kaujinga mablacks wa SA wako nako deep ! [/SIZE]

Your thread title and history say otherwise. Uko na racial prejudice and I think you’re too ignorant to know that if you take your own threads seriously.

@Ndindu wewe ni mafwi kabisa