Pale laikipia

I bet the shiny eyes must be a very powerful nation…

This is my mp. Sad that hatutambui. More saddening that he will be re-elected. This is the first person I would wish his death:mad:. Meffi yeye


Are you masaai

hiyo video maze

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I blame whoever came up with the new boundaries for constituencies. This nigga could not be known. He would be bloody nobody.

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He is actually a Samburu and not a good person I have interacted with home at some point…oh yeah and a serial womanizer


Cheza chini

I don’t know much about him but my analysis shows me he might have never gone to school. What is his level of education?

huko mandera projectiles zinarushwa


I feel you bro. Now you know what will happen to you when the inciter and financier of the violence…no no no! It is historical injustices…


niliskia pia Jana wafuasi Wa mandago Na Buzeki waliclash. PEV this time round haitakuwa juu ya Presidency.


Its very sad the citizens do not know that the leaders they are exchangings blows for are not enemies. Lakini hii lempurkel ni meffi

Pev is now devolved