Pale Israel tunaharvest vitunguu kwa mpigo

Two things here.

  1. Imagine Israel is a fucking desert where water is scarce but they are still able to grow onions in the fucking middle of a war ffs. NIABM @Ndindu

  2. Your buddies Hamas wamejificha kwa tunnels. @hakimoto. They attacked thinking Israel would collapse but wapi @rexxsimba Destroying Hamas is a God Given duty.

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The whole of ukambani, tana river county, should be irrigated to produce such.

I have always maintained that the worst critics are the most brainless. WHY IS OT ALWAYS SOMEBODY’S FAULT? Hizo solutions mbona wao wasifanye?

Growing onions is not rocket science. Are you suggesting we don’t know how to grow onions?

The problem is not irrigation, it’s the margins. Modern farming is extremely low-margin and requires huge subsidies. It also requires farmer skills that cannot be learned in school and is extremely labour intensive. We would need to import over a million labourers to meet positive margins and pay them peanuts. Unfortunately no one is willing to work for that little.

That’s why government run farms operated by kenya prisons are amongst the most profitable. They don’t pay wages and labour is whipped to produce.

Also getting serious farmers in tana river is impossible. No one is willing to do 12 hours of back breaking work as easily as you think.

It’s one of the reasons kericho tea farms are buying expensive machines. There’s simply not enough labourers willing to work for the peanuts anymore. Watu hawana kazi but si ati watafanya kazi yoyote


Tana River and the surrounding lands have the potential to Feed entire East Africa but

NIABM and can’t manage sh!t

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Do we really have a water/rain problem in Kenya?

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Simple Answer - NO

What we have is Shareholder Bottom Up Hustler Conmen , their Cronies , First Daughters , Bimbos , Mistresses , Errand Boys , Brainwashed Juvenilea and Tugeges ready to do their bidding …

And until that changes , don’t hold your breath:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

Kabisa … :rofl:

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