Pale DRC, UN Peace Keepers Wako Kazi

M7 cabinet has 178 members almost the same as Parliament. Ministers and their assistants. They all have sirens and a chase car. Imagine Kampala roads during morning and evening rush hours as mheshimiwa does his best to pass unhindered. Hapo ndio okao RAT referendum 2.0 is proposing. Regional blocks in another layer of politicians, PM and deputies etc.

kwa hivyo tukiona trillion dollar company tusistuke sana.
juu hatujui mahali wametoa tantumtum transistors zao.
na vile tunasemanga wazungu sio corrupt

And those chase cars are pickups. Those guys eat dust kweli kweli in the name of protecting mkubwa

Spill more beans, no wonder the beef

Salim Saleh ndio huwa broker wa hizo deals, he must have several million dollars stashed abroad. Alafu he gets along with Kagame better than M7. Saleh is the one who recruited Kagame’s friend Fred Rwigyema into M7’s rebel army. These guys must have been really effective at whatever they used to do during M7’s rebel days because after he took power, Rwigyema became Uganda’s deputy defence minister while Kagame was appointed head of military intelligence. Can you imagine foreigners holding such positions? Anyway, they put these positions to good use because that’s how they managed to build the Rwanda Patriotic Front into a force capable of invading Rwanda and overthrowing the government.

Uganda’s and Rwanda’s beef in DRC arises from the fact that M7 expects Kagame to be subservient to him, while Kagame has his own interests. There have been rumors that Rwanda has grown at such breakneck speed partly because of all the loot coming in from DRC. Rwanda-sponsored rebels are also better organized in Congo. At some point they’d even started running Eastern DRC like an autonomous region, and they did a bloody good job. I think Kagame’s bigger plan was to just annex Eastern DRC altogether, that’s why so many entities have been making propaganda denouncing him as a dictator. It’s designed to slow him down. He’s a better tactician than M7, that’s for sure.

hizi story za akina spear na establishment inakaa zimekubore sana

That congo will eventually create a huge problem for those surrounding countries. the “civilized” southern parts of Europe, the empires, including England, fucked like that with northeners (germans and relatives) who were considered primitive for a long time. At one long period between 800 And 1700 AD germanic tribes were anexed into the holy Roman empire. the whole fuckin thing eventually blew up into world wars and carnage and is still a problem for the now weaker south. Anyway wacha washindane but if congo gets its stuff together it will be swatting them like flies. Those leaders are doing their people alot of disservice by biting more than they can chew. they should leave DRC to fight its internal wars or if they want to win in the long term, they should make sure that country doesnt exist anymore.


A quick question for you, was the gold in form of dust or nuggets?

weka link ionwo. Namu ako poa.

If Rwigyema was still alive, I think he would have become the president of Rwanda. And to imagine most of them were just in their 20’s or early 30’s.

Yeah back then Janet was studying in Europe M7 akiwa bush, UG was a basket case for much of the 80’s. Kusema ukweli hio ngómbe M7 iliwatoa mbali.

Met an old woman, a muhima. they have the most beautiful girls in Uganda. back to the old woman, three of her kids were from rape. One time while traveling from western Uganda she was raped for a week. every military road block the soldiers would pick the most beautiful girls and rape her for a day or two then put her in the next bus as they pick others. She was married and even the husband knew that the kids were as a result of rape. She told me that if you look closely at most older ladies in Uganda you will notice that the kids are not all from the same man. She said that the things they passed through before M7 calmed things are just terrible. One time she was raped as her husband watched by Amin soldiers!!

And the hyper inflation before M7 took over was really bad.

Fake news! You would require a lot of collusion to smuggle that quantity of minerals. You need senior commanders in FARDC and local militias to look the other way, makarau (MP who come from different countries), Mil observers, local/intln NGOs, civilian staff among others.

Kama hujui nini hubebwa kwa APC tyata mdomo.