Pale DRC, UN Peace Keepers Wako Kazi


Na pale South sudan soldiers wa SS, UG plus rebels wako biashara ya timber mbaya sana.


[li]a dull metallic mineral which is a combination of columbite and tantalite and which is refined to produce tantalum.[/li][/ol]
siunajua somalia tunauza nini

you didnt mention pesa hupitia bank gani, tafuta ile story ya John Alan Nammu ile haikonyeshwa

UN is just looting Africa
AU has refused to lead Africa.

Coltan is used primarily for the production of tantalum capacitors, used in many electronic devices. Many sources mention coltan’s importance in the production of mobile phones, but tantalum capacitors are used in almost every kind of electronic device.

Hehehe. KCB na Ekwete.

Entebbe Airport and Uganda is now the HQ for all smuggled minerals from the great lakes region. M7 is in good books with all western spy agencies so get used to him staying for a long time. Have you ever wondered why the west is very silent on how he beats people in his country. East DRC will always have a rebel group funded by the west companies and spies to keep everyone looking elsewhere as they steal all resources for free. Let SGR get to Kampala then you will see a war erupt in DRC to keep China from coming too close. Kabila tried to stay by force and they got a new puppet freshly released from that colonial court in Hague to be the next President.

Na vile mbwa flani hukimbia kuita UN ikuje Kenya kufanya kila kitu, including holding our elections. The minute “peace keepers” show up in your country then you’ve just signed up for a more thorough fucking, because the number of entities with varying interests has risen. Niggas gorra get paid, hakuna kazi ya bure.

ata kdf wako charcoal biz Ras kamboni…

I guess they are doers not talkers. Those who do do…

Have they confirmed that its coltan? Ama no conspiracy za ujinga.

once dealt in timber from Congo, mahogany to be precise, made some good, good cash then as is usual, war errupted. I left. truce later meant we could go back. met a Ugandan in Congo nigger had 2kgs of gold helped him cross and sell it. I was the broker. got a few coins. never been to Congo since

I know a battalion in Uganda where all members ended up being millionaires. @shoti_mzito do you know Gen. Muhwezi? He is a big beneficiary of Congo.

Na kabla nisahau, as we are being given lectures here about the evils of Museveni and we are supposed to conveniently forget whose mother did what to which elephants hapa tu Zimmerman. Hadi pakaitwa Zimmerman. Our wild animal resources.

As evil as Museveni is, we should also conveniently forget which family controlled mining concessions all over Kenya and even down to the Congo hadi Muthama akaoa huko na akakuwa mbirrionea gemstone dealer.

We are also to conviniently forget which family owns Timsales and co owns Raiply and where they source their Mahogany for expensive wooden floor parquets pale industriul area.

Ndio Museveni ni mbaya but who are we kidding here?! Mafuta ashaoneshana vile ameipangia!

The late Gen Kazini may his soul rest in hell. once was in charge of looting in east Congo.

The late General Kazini ndio alifaidika sana na DRC then add in kina James Kabarebe of Rwanda and Cale Akwandanaho popularly aka Salim Saleh. Kwanza UG and Rwandan forces fought each other in DRC because as they say there is no honor among thieves.

Salim Saleh ni bro ya M7.

Of course, M7’s government is full of relatives. Hata hao akina Muhwezi might be related to him and in the past pia alikuwa anakamua the current wife to Besigye ndo maana ni kama bado beef huwa.

Ugandan elite wote are related by either blood or marriage. Wanaitwa westerners. I was at a wedding a few years back ilikuwa kama cabinet meeting.